This Is My Brave.
Today I am writing
A few hours before I get on stage.
This Is My Brave.

I am Brave because I haven’t given up.
Cause I’m strong enough
To deal with all the stuff, that comes at me rough
And tumble, I stumble and fall
But I get up.

This is My Brave.
The fact that Mental Illness does not limit me.
It gives me the strength I need to achieve my dreams,
I sit manic, typing on the keys like piano keys
Writing a song, if only beautiful to me.

This is My Brave.
The fact that I can write into a corner, and dig myself out
Of the depression,
The constant guessing,
The life long lesson, that bruises, breaks and tears,
Fears, concerns, worries, leave the air
When I take my first breath
And shout on the front steps.
I rock this. And I do it 24/7!

This Is My Brave.
That I can, and I must.
And I do not give up.
Even if I am not sure why or what
I keep tough.

This is My Brave.

Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.