Those Days when I am tired
I hear the piano playing angel
I hear the meditative talker
I hear the voices of the children
I hear incessant laughter.

I think where have I gone in this microcosm
Living waiting to blossom
Playing possum, wishing I was awesome.
But with thought, comes thinking
And my heart is beating still.

This heart that beats fast when it sees you
And slow when it tries to sleep
Counting medicinal sheep.
This heart skips a beat for you.

I want to be better for you.
I want to rhyme cyclical, rhythmical,
Spherical, geometrical.
I want to shape shift for you.

I want to release my mind into the ether
Till either I fall dead in the street of exhaustion.
I want to be awesome.
I want to be awesome as Boston.

I want to drive the ball 132 yards every time I step out there.
I want to be proud of myself.
And I will be. Cause I am the best at who I am.
The world doesn’t mend me, it tries to break me.
Maybe even chide me, but I am great.

I know my subconscience drives this science.
I will get there. With resilience and silent pride.
My mind will no longer, run off the rails.

I will not die, not yet.
I will breathe


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.