I feel like I have to relearn poetry
Even though I have killed the game since 93
Even though
I have done everything from everywhere and in between.
No…nope, not enough
I got to get back in this poetry scene.
I used to be a poetry machine.
Wrote for me, cause it made me lean.
Wrote like the GOAT I was and have always been.
And in 2018
You’ll see me.

But right now I got to release the web from my skin like Spider-Man
Hyphen that shit, with paper and pen
I will fly again.
Hyperlink that shit
And retweet the first line.
I’m going back to 1999
When the world was mine.
Before sickness there was brilliance.
Now there’s sickness in brilliance.
My resilience is the resistance
And I am going to let loose at last
Losing my leniency and tightening my belt.
Gonna reclaim this poetry for my self.
Been quiet for a little long.
Sing songs and write rhymes and my game is strong.
Tired rhymes I have not.
Do or do not there is no try
Young Jedi.
Back in the driver seat.
Was on auto pilot.
Lost my nephew in October
Ready to write about it.
Triumph over Trump
That’s my mentality.
Too silent for too long.
Psychward celebrity
Mighty Mighty Bosstonian
Put the Pen to the pad
And make them remember my name
And let ’em know who I am.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.