Blank page to erase the pain.
Poems about Michael,
My pen won’t let out just yet.
I know you’re gone kid.
But I haven’t quite let it sink in.
So, when the time comes,
I know there will be more to write,
But not Till then.

So for now I will distract myself.
Talk about other tragedies
Like a shooting in Texas that I heard about

Or maybe I will talk about something
Like my dreams and what they were.
Or maybe I will lie down and sleep –
Breathe in the night air.

Or maybe I will dry out, like wasted fruit.
Or maybe sell me under your pillow
Like some broken tooth.
Or maybe, just maybe
Wife, we make a baby!
Take these broken wings,
And fly these crippled skies
with me.
Take this train station romance,
and take it to the rails.
Open up this criminal heart
Jail break the jails!

Mail out the letter. Post marked tomorrow.
I’ll distract myself with a couple of stanzas
Some clever wordplay, some
rah, rah, rah
Some roo, roo, roo.
Some ha, ha, ha.

Five stanzas, some broken thoughts, some bullshit distraction
From the real truth,
That I really
The truth is in October
I lost you.

And 5 Stanzas of bullshit can’t hide that fact.
That the pain….hasn’t left me
And there’s nothing that I can say
No bullshit magic words, no clever rhyming, no zombies poems, no jagged thoughts, no clap your hands Magic poem,
No nothing will ever
Bring you back,
And I am still not ready to accept that.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.