I love you.

I fall asleep and feel you
As your summer slumber snaps my brain
Awake, I lie in bed
Thinking how I could melt right into you.
How you take my breath away.
Leave me without air.
Drowning in you.

You cradle me
And heal my stinging wounds.
You make me feel light.
You make me smile like a child.

You are dangerous-
But yet I love how I feel safe with you.
Listening to your constant drumbeat.
Feeling a constant craving to swim.

You make me feel like dancing
(I want to dance the night away)

Your music makes me wander off in foreign places and feel wasted
When I haven’t had a drop.

I drink in your sea water and see God.
(And then a lifeguard.
If I’m lucky.)

But I love you.
Your dangerous curves
I want to slip in you
Sink ships in you.
Find gold in you.

Let me listen to your sirens song.

Catch me in your riptide.
And bring me home with you.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.