Where are we today?
Where are we in this dream?
Are we in the Rapid Eye Movements of God?
Are God’s feet restless with angels?

What is this pendulum swinging beneath my feet?
⎯In the city where the lovers see.
The sea, blind to waves of poverty
The sidewalks littered with flowers
in a state, frozen in infamy.

The beauty is trapped in cold seats
Computer keys.
Trapped in memories.
Remembering frozen city sidewalks
and something cold wanting to be free.

A memory in a microwave⎯
warm me up something else.
Refresh me like my morning coffee.

The city of lights was never blind to me.
In a world set apart from one pathetic sea,
a cloudy mystery, gloomy ministry.
God seems to wander,

in the city of wandering artists,
in a city of perfect nothingness.
Free me.

Free me.
Free me from the endless deserts.
Show me the oceans of industry.
Show me the hollow cave
Give me light, illuminate me.

Let me wander, always wandering.
Vagabond in Kingdom Come
One day finding somewhere
to rest my feet.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.