Funeral days
Driving the same way
Anxiety sparked
Like a spliff
Gorilla in the midst
Of a cerebral rip
A tear
And a tear is the same to me
Dropping down way past
Outweighs me
Medication sedated me
Sick as slavery
In my cerebellum
Waiting for the dance
And the drum
To kick in
Let the show start
My medicinal criminal
Subliminal vision
Critical thinking
Soul swinging
But never fronting
Letting the beat
Amputate the cortex
What’s next
A lyrical vortex
Poetry to me is my
Only freedom
Spit venomous
Anonymous lyrics
That I stomp down this
Illness with
Medical anxiety
Thoughts splitting like
Bowling pins
It’s a 7-10 split
It’s a wash
But I’ll knock me down
Let the beat ride out
In funeral town.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.