Every tempered word is heard.
Flocks of free birds and four letter words.
Full of expletives and sedatives,
medications and libations.
Mounting frustrations,
place your bottles on the mantle
see how much you can handle.
Take a psyche ward stay.
Regress back to your last one,
take your shoelaces away.
And out by 9 like the last one.
Write with a magic marker
Not a stylo, they are dangerous,
and no belts or drawstrings
let the medications strangle us.
And when they take a writers pen
and you have to write with magic marker
you got to go slower, gotta write smarter
so you
Slow your flow
So the ink doesn’t bleed and smudge
and you write each word slower one by one.
I don’t need love to push the tourniquet
The medication to silence
the mental tourettes.
The sedation of a Ramones song with
broken legs.
I don’t want to live in a Pet Sematary
i don’t want to live my life again
like Joey said.
Caffeine in my blood stream.
My regret
Is strong, like my heart beat irregular.
Up the geodon the risks outweigh the benefits
Using first generation meds
No cellphones no chords, milks and juice in the fridge
under lock and key
And this is supposed to work for me?
I am an independent schizo effective
I am no derelict, I am the president.
I am the Karma and the Sutures.
13 stitches in my head like NOFX.
Brain damage, or just another piece
of the pie chart.
Working at the rhythm
the only job I got.
The memory of loss, goes along way back
and I sit and await the cold compass.
The math of one med plus two meds
got me fed up.
Living with the trees, the forest lit up.
Heroes are born in the fire,
awake and breathe
Like the grass round the centipede.
Up goes your levels, down goes the depression.
Balance in the force
Jedi ask questions,
Sith have wrong answers, Hans flies with an 8-foot dog.
And Leia, well I respect Leia,
She stands with us
Not the doctors
Not the process.
The manics I trust.
Heroes are born in the fire.
Heroes walk among us.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.