Boom yah, Ridicula!
Walk through the pharmacy
with pterodactyl claw.
Wincing at the dog pound
paws, pause, pause,
working the angles
on the seeter saw.

See, saw, left.

Went to the market
grab a chicken’s breast
and grill it up on Shark Week,
cooked it up good
with little teriyaki
Rude boy food.

Rhythm snakes, Rhythm snakes.
Snake the rhythm
Cheshire steaks.
Earth quakes for Pancakes
Put a little syrup
on the record

See how it tastes.

Magazine of magazines
machine gun,
Talking fast for paychecks


WuTang forever I decree.
C.ash R.ules E.verything A.round M.e.

lumps and bruises, orange juices
busted bitches
drug abusers,
Battered up a cake boss

No more
Gummy needles toxic
No more people
dying on my block.

Sync the solar system
And magnify,
play it on the playground
Play it in the background
Play it on the foreground
Listen to the world
as it dries

We are all sunburned
Gonna die,
But not tonight.

we write,

Cause who has the mission
To write with persistence
We don’t miss this
We Never did,
Reading Ulysses, I never did this.

Im talking about myself
Never black belt
No trophy on the shelf

And ahhhhhhhhh

Losing worth, putting in work
Bo Diddley sing a top a Christmas Tree.
Step into my office.
Wheres my briefs?

Yeezy got his mouth wired,
Singing clamped teeth
Rolling in the deep, subterranean creep
Lotus Flower Wicked Garden, mother, mother
Dear Departed.

Lions wincing at dentist shooting
The dentist grinning
In state prison

And that be the way of the world.
And that be the way of the world.
And that be the way of the world.
And that be the way of the world.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.