I write cause my mind has to
all the shit I’ve been through
I write cause I have to,
because I come unglued if I don’t
this isn’t rap, I’m a poet end quote.

My mind flips times like a superman bullet
I’m gonna make something from nothing,
something better then myself,
something proven.

A ferris wheel of frustration.

Each thought goes around in circles
time to take that negativity change it,
like an alchemist into gold,
make peace in my head first
until the time unfolds.
I want to be better then I am.
I want the self esteem of a real man.
I want to walk down the street people,
say “is that him
“Is that the dude, who writes that magazine?
“Is that the mental graffitist, the dude who came
from nothing got over his sickness?
“Did Pinocchio finally escape from that whales mouth,
from the tyrants who sold him down the river,
to a place he couldn’t hang with?”

“Yeah dude, it’s J. WRITE!”
“Can, I get your autograph?
Can my wife get a picture with you?”
Yo, you write the illest magazine
Oddball, you killin’ it dude!”

Yeah, that’s how I want it to be…

a man of three who knows what it means.
I want the life for me and Lisa,
of what I know we deserve.
I just want to be cool
on my time on earth.

I want to be mentally chill,
while collecting dollar bills.

I want my mind to stop saying
time to take another pill.
But I’m o.k with my mental
state of mind,
its fine.

You labeled me weak
Now I walk that line.
I’m better then you.
Now, let me be free.

Let me think like a person,
not a monster, I mean who
made me like this?
Who writes rhymes like this?
Speaking signs like this?
Holding my head like this?
a rhymer
a poet
a basketcase
a player who never got to wear a jersey

a mind that deserted me,

a world that hurt me

But writing is my life
growing up dirty.