here we go, with another tail
of how three cats ended up in jail
peace through pain is back again,
and i will not fail, so I keep it calm
while I drop my bombs, my wordplay
is so great. I can write a poem
while I’m zoned, and it sounds so great.

But when i fall, I fall hard, mania, depression,
I can sing a song, in a lesson, but I wont do wrong
cause my name is J.WRITE,
and i keep it chill every single night, making my mind
get tighter and tighter, working on the wii like im a prize fighter
cause, I like being me.

a song of threes, a mental disease, the trees, the seeds, i like to be me.

because my mind is offline, i can’t write all the time. i can sing a song, like Im doing now, and how can I come back the original sound.

cause my mind, keeps irking me, the world keeps jerking me, around….
and i can see, how things to me, could be a little askew. But I’ll promise you, if you promise me, to keep it cool.

Don’t hate no one, its stupid. Being racist is stupid. Ignorance, is stupid.
and I think so is this poem.

But I like to write, cause my name is J.WRITE, and I don’t know why.

I don’t know why, but i love my life. Cause it’s cool, to write rhymes. And it’s fun to unwind. And it’s just a 12 15 to 12 30, write up. Cause I have to go back looking for jobs. And I should just relax, and let the Beeeeeeeeeeeeat Drop!

just another jagged thought by Jason.