received_10207280075225171.jpegOn the night of Saturday September 17th, 2016, I was fortunate enough to attend Erato’s 2nd annual Cosmic White Affair for a night of house music and dancing. The event was presented by the dynamic DJ duo known as The Couple’s Couple, comprised of DJ Dende and DJ Mystina, with The Underground Garden’s Liza Zayas driving the night. Described on its Facebook page as,”Deep Afro, Latin, Tech, Funk, Vocal, Disco, Soulful, Underground Music with Any and All sounds moving the DJs and Crowd,” the Erato movement has been gaining momentum in Boston’s night life scene over the past year and is growing steadily. Its success is certainly well-deserved.

Having chopped it up with The Couple’s Couple on a recent Oddball Show podcast, I felt a positive, refreshing energy and was intrigued. I enjoy house & freestyle music, but I don’t know it like I know Hip Hop. Despite my relative unfamiliarity, something told me I’d have a kick ass time at an Erato night. Surely enough, I had a blast.

Club Bohemia, located on Mass Ave. in Cambridge Massachusetts’ Central Square, played host to Erato’s Cosmic All 2016-09-21-23.18.47.jpg.jpegWhite Affair. Mystina and Dende tag-teamed the DJ duties for the first half of the night, while special guest DJ Savuth closed out the show. Most of the crowd both obliged with the all white dress theme and danced the night away. The result was a constant glowing in motion effect, backed by top-notch DJs spinning hypnotic, groovy jams. It was poetry in motion on overdrive with black lights.

Much of the dancing blew me away, particular the break-dancing type moves. Despite house dancing (or really any dancing) not being my strength, I couldn’t help but to immerse myself in the night’s energy and dance joyfully. At one point I conveyed this to Liza, who kindly encouraged me, telling me I looked like a natural. I replied that I deserved an Oscar because I sure as hell didn’t feel like a natural. But I didn’t care that by comparison to most of the crowd, my six variations of a two-step were amateurish. I just enjoyed the moment. The positive vibes were infectious and it made for a hell of a night.

What I loved most about the Erato experience was the diversity and welcoming nature of those in attendance. Speaking to a few folks and observing how people interacted with each other revealed that Erato heads are a tight, open-minded bunch who genuinely enjoy each other’s talents and company. Their love of art, whether dancing, music, or poetry, along with their love for each other, permeated the venue. One couldn’t help but to at minimum appreciate its sincerity, if not outright immerse oneself in it. Again, I’m not a house head, but it was nice to be in a multi-cultural environment with folks as young as early their early 20s and as old as approaching 50, all vibing and letting loose. It was refreshing. It was a natural high. And it’s something I know I’ll do again in the future.


With that in mind, be sure to follow Erato on Facebook to stay abreast of upcoming events, including Return Of The Masques, with special guest DJ/Producer Beloved, on Saturday, October 15th at Club Bohemia. To quote its page once more, “ERATO is devoted to the remarkable elation moments of inspired action deliver. Inspiration is a driving force and this night is dedicated to the Open and the Striking.”

So regardless of your musical biases, be sure to check out an Erato night and become inspired. It’s sure to be a memorable time.


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