So I was given the opportunity to meet Destiny Kinal, and we talked about our love for writing, and her new book. The book named “Burning SIlk” was just recently published, and is available on Amazon, as well as Dog Ear Book Store in San Francisco. I had the great pleasure of talking to her about her book, and it sounds like the smut I like. In Destiny’s own words “Sex is a profound and sacred part of life. I just don’t believe in drawing the curtain.” That is great. When I asked her what she meant by drawing the curtain, she said that the writers that she admires like Lenore Kandal. Carole Maso, Anais Nin, include sex with eating, thinking walking, playing etc. So the curtain that she believes is that sex is very natural, and it shouldn’t be censored. So basically readers, this book is good. Read part one on her website, and see “if its an actual experience and not a record of an experience” Her own words. So in closing, check out, and if you like the first chapter, you can subscribe to her website, and buy her book at Amazon, as well as a book store near you. Alright, friends.

peace, enjoy my interview with Destiny Kinal.