Hey, everyone! Hope you enjoyed some of HIS House’s poetry. It seems to me that giving a voice to someone without one, is a great way to fill a days work. Not saying that HIS House doesn’t have a voice. I talk to him often and he is brilliant, by the way HIS House…is my dad. Anyway, HIS House was my dad’s invention. Basically HIS House is a church program that feeds the homeless in attleboro and it’s surrounding areas. Based out of Mansfield HIS House, also offers clothing, and toiletries, like socks, to those who can’t afford them. It is a great cause, and I am proud of my dad, for starting it.

So that was a little bit about HIS House. Now, how about L-‘s friend Dan. I don’t know Dan very well. I do know that his art is pretty fantastic. I also know that his art should be appreciated. I also know that, my phone camera doesn’t give his art justice. L-s friend Dan, is a great artist. I hope that this site gives him exposure. He deserve’s it. I also would like to put up some of L-s work. I’ll talk to her about that at some point.