When you stare at a computer screen.

When you look out a window.

When you stare into a mirror


(You are now rocking with)


Open the window, and the

Doors too, open both

Doors and windows


(Will I Am and Britney Bitch)


Both are a source of movement

A form of transition

Like ladders, and superstitions

Lowering glass so gently onto the ground


(When you hear us in the club)

(You got to turn this shit up)


Making a crashing sound

A kaboom of splintered glass and

Garbage, all mixed nice like a leafy green salad

A carrot and karat, might mean something to us but nothing to

Zoo animals, creatures like

Iguanas, and Icelandic poultry,

No one  gives a fuck about an Oxford Coma

Even someone like me, who was in one


(You gotta turn this shit up)


Despite what you hear

Or think you have heard, No one

Truthfully cares about


(I want to scream and shout and let it all out)


Comas, Commas/Carrots, Karats, Iguanas and Icelandic Poultry

Only person who probably does in the whole world is

Me, and maybe Will.I.Am and Brittney Bitch!


(Cause all we aw, we aw we aw, all we aw, we all we aw,)


Yeah…uh huh, keep bangin