AM-Peace written by Toni Bee and Photosynthesis courtesy of Allie Gold


5:13  Street lights tick off
thinkin’ of all that’s lost
time, to change, I’ve wasted
who’ve I caused to sin
will God ever forgive me
when, I overcome shackles
clasp, bungled brain, Lord
release foes grasp

5:24  Love haunts me, still
I’ll depend ‘pon His will
toddler’s sigh becomes anew
three years, now school age, add two
Mama sees more she can be
pray God’s help eternally

5:30 – Eyelids heavy, hold has
my heart, Overcome! grips
me alert, no complaint ‘bout
souls mistakes, birds awake chirp chops
the ear/air, few hours rest
church looms near, save me Savior
save me now, bow my head show me how

5:48 The pillow harks, muse refused to write
me stop, Rest! prepare for sun
day’s Word, best gifts are secrets unheard
Jesus pray my soul you keep
thanks, this ranting



Photosynthesis © 2012 by Allie Gold
Photosynthesis © 2012 by Allie Gold

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