Trump in English

I started thinking up new meanings for the Trump. Here are my last minute campaign slogans and how Trump (the word)can now be included in our daily conversation.

1. “That’s the toupee talking.” Possible campaign slogan. Post-election replacement for “crazy talk”

2. Trump replaces a word starting w/ the letter F and ironically rhymes with muck. Example: “Trump off!”

3. Don’ get trumped. (Refer to #2, no pun intended)

3. Trumping = an act of sexual harassment.


Poets and Politics

Oh rise you mighty poets
Aim your words high and low
At those who do harm
And those who need shelter
Lift every pen/pencil
Scratch, scribble, print
And remember there is nothing more dangerous
Than a poet who sets pen to ballot


Janet Cormier is a painter, writes prose and poetry, and performs comedy. She really wants you to vote today.