The Grammy’s In 500 words or less



What can I say about the Grammys. The night started off with a wonderful prayer to the late great Whitney Houston, and it was beautiful. I have to say that L.L Cool J, started off the show with a great vibe. And though there were a few less memorable and hopefully forgettable acts like Chris Brown, actually just Chris Brown. There were amazing acts from Bruno Mars, and Rhianna, Katy Perry, and the like. Maybe not all amazing but entertaining. I have to say seeing legends like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, just to see him seem happy on stage, reunited with some of the other Beach Boys. Kind  of thought I would see  Jon Stamos and a rendition of Kokomo, but hey….


What I did get to see was Sir Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. And I got to say that Stevie was pretty well dressed that night. And by the way Paul McCartney is a legend, but when did he become a knight? I can’t imagine Elton John and Paul McCartney fighting for the English Army, but what do I know. Not much apparently.

Adele was fantastic. Her music is soulful, amazing, wonderful, real, and real poetry all rolled into one.  I also got to say never really listened to Taylor Swift,  but her song and banjo playing was dang…really good.  But really wow, Adele was amazing, she stole the show.

Also Coldplay singer, Chris Martin was off key, pretty bad.  However there were true moments that I quite enjoyed like Dave Grohl’s Grammy Speech, and it is true what both Dave Grohl and Justin Vernon said that music comes from your heart and in your mind.  

I am listening at this very moment to the sad soulful voice of Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston, singing “I will Always Love You, and then ending her song with the words “We will always love you Whitney”.   It was both bitter-sweet and beautiful.   It is sad to see someone like Whitney Houston go, her wonderful heart-aching melodies, her feel good music, and all in all the sadness, and the harmony all came together to create the most dynamic female vocalist of my generation.

Regardless, like Freddie Mercury sang, The Show Must Go On….

And this the 54th Grammy Awards, will go on….and continue to harness new acts, and those immortalized in….wait Chris Brown is back again, I have to go throw up. 

I guess in closing, I’d say what Justin Vernon said that and I am paraphrasing, that basically not everyone who deserves to be on the stage, is on the stage. And I would like to add that the music not being heard it will all be heard eventually, thanks to Sound Cloud, and the internet.


And how about a Leonard Cohen tribute. Or a collaboration with Adele and the Civil Wars.


just another jagged thought by  Jason