Deutsch: Der Vollmond, fotografiert in Hamois ...

here we are, time is now,

walk slow into the undertow

my mind is a revolution,

you can see it glow,

like ten feet of snow,

under a hole in the ozone,

we keep it going to all the lights turn off,

they go dim, but it aint about me,

its all about, us…. here we go, let the beat bust,

listening to RJD2 and cleaning out the rust

and writing to the only thing i can trust,

its the oddball flow, that keeps me going,

walking on the moon, watching the world glowing

from a far, shoot down the last shooting star,

put it under my pillow, watch me illuminate

and explode, yeah, i got time to sing…….

then I have time to work…

make my writing worth something,

then just writing,

just like writing hoping I inspire you,

to search for the freedom

somewhere blue

cause its

the school of truth, and

Im almost home,

all names of my books I wrote, I keep in a row.

writing to the beat, four four time,

lets me place each syllable in a place of mine,

like under the moon, oceans and trees,

Begin to see something, in everyone, us, glowing like  diamonds

in a mine, this oddball thinkin, got me shining,

like a new moon, like a sunset, dim, but not gone yet,

keep it in time, you can bet,

i got this down

each type set mark,

I see a spark, l’m trying to light  a fire under your seat,

with man the storm and sick ass beats,

keep each beat the pulse of my heart,

four measured ventricles to the end of the record,

beat the drum, and let the sound move you,

to believe in something beautiful, get too close

to the rocks on the coast, and the time stops, and down goes the boat

liquid smooth

cause its time to leave this house, haunted by ghosts, so clear

like seeing twenty twenty

all I want to be is somebody,

keep this going like  energizing

sand in a zen garden

let the time stand still, and me keep walking

in slow motion, hyper speed, trying to end this rhyme

with something worth while to read,

man its the new year, and we continue to forge on,

to this beat and to this song….

if you know it come on, sing along.

and on and on, we sing

until  you write your own song,

you can hum along to mine,

or you can learn to write.

and sing your own.