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Oh look, it’s time to rant:

So recently on the interwebs, I’ve seen this tongue-in-cheek post about someone who put a prenatal lock on their mother’s cable box in order to prevent access to Fox News. While the post itself was supposed to be somewhat of a joke, the comments themselves were rather alarming. There are people who are seriously locking blocking one news channel on an elder person’s cable box, and forcing them towards one that adheres to another’s biases.
No, just no.


Look, you might not agree with what someone else watches, but they have the right to watch whatever floats their boat. I know what you’re going to say next, “But Fox News is nothing but propaganda designed to indoctrinate people towards a certain agenda!”

What if told you MOST of the news agencies consist of propaganda designed to indoctrinate one towards an agenda of one’s choosing. A news agency isn’t immune to being some form of propaganda just because it adheres to your confirmation biases. Let me say it a little louder so that those in the back can hear.


You think CNN, MSNBC, and etc are any better? Oh hell no. They’re all sensationalist in some regard depending on the issues being covered. If you rely solely on one news source just because it confirms your biases, you aren’t getting the full story. I may seem like I’m riding a high horse, but I’ve made the mistake of relying solely on sources that catered to my biases more times than I’m willing to admit. They ALL have some strengths, but they’re ALL flawed in some regard because they’re systematically engineered to target a specific demographic rather than providing an impartial, unbiased account of events.

Now back to blocking channels on cable boxes of elderly people because they my not confirm your biases.

This behavior is not only wrong, it’s also dangerous. It sets the precedent that we can control access to media based merely on OUR biases. There’s only one government I know that pulls this type of shit, and it’s North Korea. North Korea has a long history of locking its citizens to propaganda that favors its own government. Now I ain’t saying y’all are like North Korea, but we can ride the slippery slope to such a situation if this continues to be a trend.

The beautiful thing about this country is that we can watch whatever the fuck we want. We can get our information from where ever the fuck we want. We have the freedom to dig around and analyze multiple news sources to come to an informed opinion on our own. We also have the freedom to continue to consume media that confirms our biases much to the disagreement of the opposing side.

It isn’t our job to control what another watches simply because it doesn’t adhere to our biases. You also can’t label one source as propaganda without labeling them ALL as propaganda. They’re ALL systematically flawed and will continue to be that way as long as they’re designed to feed information to specific regions, and populations. If you don’t like something, fine, but it isn’t our place to control where another goes for their information.

Unlike North Korea, where people are fed whatever poison the government deems fit, we’re allowed to pick our poisons, and I would like it to stay that way.

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