3TV Presents: Where have you gone by Wazir Gray


Where have you gone some things have gone wrong but what hurts most of all is you haven’t called

In the beginning we shed crocodile tears enough that will fill the roof or ceiling only to be replaced by the caterpillar future’s feeling and that will keep a suit from kneeling and that will keep the truth from revealing… the truth is the healing and our laughter was louder and obnoxious but pure cause nothing was clouding up our optics and complicating the process with overwhelming logic we giggle at the smallest and cry at the slightest mortals in kombat the heart is where your testing your might at … we fall and get right back.. the pain don’t last we recover fast so fast that we don’t remember the past all we see is the future I proclaim our undying love all they seem to do is refute ya but we ignore em continue dancing up in the storm exhibiting beautiful form

Where have you gone … some things have gone wrong… but what hurts most of all… is you haven’t called

Some things are starting to feel funny not just the feeling but the feeling of remembering what they was saying to me deja vu Groundhog Day part 2 how could this happen we never always agreed but it’s clear we’re starting to disagree more predominantly I wanna stay up late all you’re trying to do is sleep I wanna play basketball with my team but your complaining about your knees I bought two scoops of the sweetest ice cream but you’re complaining about your teeth bought a bestseller book you’re complaining you can’t see I can see you no longer easy to please a lesser man would be eager to leave but bigger words would be easy to read the hard of sight leading the blind you follow I’ll lead there you go I can see you starting to cheese flashbacks of what we start in our teens

Where have you gone some things have gone wrong but what hurts most of all is you haven’t called

Now it’s clear as a day in Bora Bora what we had is no more what left was the pulse sweeter than a pineapple with no core body aching so with Epsom salt we soak more depending on how you live you smile or sulk more hope is the foundation I’m hoping you washing yo floor and yet its the same for the Burj Khalifa hope can save and also can aid in the suicide of a believer but now that were separated all I have is the memories of the greatest moments that we created the sad times have faded the good ones is last to go so when they say the good die young I say no where have you gone I now know some things have gone wrong I got old but what hurts most of all is you haven’t called… my youth is gone

Where have you gone… things have gone wrong … what hurts most of all is you… haven’t called my youth is gone


Painting © Rahim Gray
Painting © Rahim Gray

Painting © Rahim Gray
Painting © Rahim Gray


Wazir Gray: “I have been working towards participating in the Boston music scene with the desire of being the change I want to see and understanding that everyone is a reflection of myself. so I treat everyone how i would want to be treated very simple but sometimes that’s all that is needed. Boston is a Loving place and the ones who say it is hateful are manifesting that very thing with that statement. Boston is Love.”

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Rahim Gray is from boston mass, he says everyone is an artist the trick is finding what brings it out for him it was family, being that hes one of my biggest contributor is his brother Wazir Gray without him he woulda never tried, his medium is wax, crayons and acrylic.


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