The ocean
Its just a wetter version of the sky
a ‘graveyard’ of poetry
that broke into my heart and open up my eyes
and I saw the brightest darkness mirror reading
handwritten dreams cuffing the stars consoling the rain
who’s tears laugh

and in that laughter I hear the words
God hates you
these insulting tears that only once god could hear
now speaks to me with warring tongues
and I had nothing deep to say
just a crushed sentence
a pile of regret
a sky that jump on my train thought
and we went from a angelic blue to a halo of black

God I do apologize if you feel like I have displeased you.
You see I have been searching for a weightless god
because the others are to heavy
and to weak like watered down gospel
Weak like the dark side of poetry
Weak like a religious inside joke no one gets

Forgive me for you know everything I don’t

so tell me am I a self portrait of you and will you promise to
clean dirty lost souls like mine
and will u forgive me for having an enchanted mind

You see I often mistook you for a poem that has never been written
Mistook you for masculine words that became undone
I mistook you for a selfless father that has more than one son
Mistook you for a sky filled with multiple sunsets

I know nothing of you,
you unseen god
tell me am I of the other god
am I his fleshly creation standing outside my normal heartbeat
and on the foot notes of his story
standing breathing whirlwinds of soundless music
into the lungs of his bible
The lungs of his heaven that often resembles the blood stains in his hell

blood that flow throughout my veins and into an anthem of sorrow
Sung with broken tongues
sorrow buried in all kind if ancient languages
And I sit in this hell crying with roses
that’s been wounded by his thoughts and
his words shoved into each other

and I hate this so much that I stripped down to pain and
I am exposed naked with caution
and I can see that my heart is a jealous god also
an egotistic ghost filled with love I never felt
a love that has no title

a love I am not entitle to feel
and why should I be
When that god knows I am a sleep walking addict high off of pain
why should I be when he see I am as useless as headless butterfly
When I should be more like the ocean
just a wetter version of the sky


"Covection Diffusion" © Dr. Regina Valluzzi

“Covection Diffusion” © Dr. Regina Valluzzi


Crystal Beck, also known as Navah the Buddaphliii is a poet/spoken word performing artist. She is a native of the South End of Boston and a single mother of three. Two boys and a girl ages are 17, 10, 3. Navah knows the challenges of trying to work her full time job as a medical billing specialist, raising a family and finding time for her art. She release her first CD entitle Far From Your Reality in 2000 and was featured in True Magazine describing her as “soulfully creative” Navah’s poetic and very conscious other world lyrics makes her one of the most authentic local artists on the scene. She is a creative thinker and inspired by the universe of imagination. Her creative goal is to create abstract thoughts and visual images with words on the canvas of the human mind as a painter would do with paint on a blank canvas. She will continue to prevail as a mother grow as an artist and stay true to her gift.

Dr. Regina Valluzzi explores abstract scientific concepts through complex geometric paintings. Many of the subjects of her abstract drawings and paintings are taken from topics in Physics research. Soft Matter Physics and Biological Physics ideas are often seen, arising from her main area of research for many years.