I Am Being Gored

Contrary to popular belief
you will experience multiple true loves.

Ancient Greeks believed the first humans had four eyes,
four arms, four legs,
two noses, two mouths,
two minds.

The Gods feared their power
and seared each creature
into two separate beings.
Two arms, two legs,
two eyes,
one mouth,
one mind,

1/2 soul.

Submitting us to an agonizingly hopeful hunt
to make our soul whole again.

You will know you’ve found you soul mate
when the poems you write become so fucking cliche, and
when a gun is aimed at her you’ll offer to pull the trigger against your own skull.
When the favorite part of your day is watching her get dressed.

I vomited the fire in my mouth,
gathered up my puke, saying
“I’ll burn all my poems for you.”
She said,
“That’d make me sad.”
“I know it would. And it’d destroy me.
But I am willing to cut myself open for what I love,
and I wanted to show you that.”

I want to climb to the top of an abandoned Ferris wheel with you.


Jeremiah Walton graduated high school spring of 2013, and hit the road in the following fall. Jeremiah manages Nostrovia! Poetry. His chapbooks are available free at Gatsby’s Abandoned Children. His most recent writing is shared at jeremiahwaltonpoetry.tumblr.com