The Sea

The rush of waves enters the shore
between washed
scattered bits of shells
Abalone, is the water’s tongue
She is young
still longing to kiss

still wanting to embrace those who have come
like me
to stand within the churn
of the tips of the waves

Ospreys come to the high wind
flying, abiding above the tide,
here under the blue sky
Bubbles spin silvery
rondels wheeling
water touching gently
water falling nakedly
upon my feet

the Sea is East to the sun
Craved West,
covered whiter in her underneath
the bolting light
like stardust
as I am
have come to be with you
in these quiet moments
in your paradise of Blue Wonder
I have come to pray with you
homage of my amphibian,
discerned body of my reptilian
Mamal birth
in my human time
I have come to say I love you
as you love me
into your woven garments
I am the shimmering sheath
un-cover me
to be pure light
from a million tendril touch
bring me closer to your door
wrap me inside your common pathway
let me sit humbly in this casual hour

Wash me, until I am awakened
from a sleep of common dreams
Water! Draw near me
surround me, feed me Fish milk
from the seasons of sweet mornings
recall my simple birth
from the echoes of a watery womb
from this Vessel

mix my body
in earth and sand
mix my body with the wind
the appearing arch!
the innambulate sky!
inure with the Sun God
the crystal, watery road
my soul’s horizon


Deta Galloway is a poet and artist who has returned to Boston in recent years. She can be seen at open mics around the Boston area, her poems often changing each time she reads them.