The Rawdah Mosque Massacre
by “Scribe” El Uwade

More than three hundred people have been murdered in a mosque:
in Bir al-Abd, in Sinai, Egypt, came the deadly cost.
The Sufis (and non-Sufis) at their Friday prayers were
attacked by IS bombs and guns at helpless worshippers.
The geometrical, beige mosque and grounds were painted red,
so many people injured, and so many people dead.
Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi vowed the killers will not go
unpunished for this crime; they will be chased like any foe.
The military lauched air strikes at mountain areas,
but what was foremost in the minds of most was burials.


“Scribe” El Uwade is a poet of the Egypt of the last five millennia.



Syria’s Postwar Future
by Cid Wa’eeb El Sur

Rouhani, Erdogan, and Putin met in Sochi to
discuss the strategy in Syria, post IS coup.
These leaders stressed the need for all the parties to release
all prisoners and hostages, hostilities to cease.
Conditions are in place to end the six-year civil cess,
said Putin, though it won’t be easy to undo the mess.

There’s SDF and YPG, the Kurds up in the north,
Bashar Assad of Syria is still now marching forth,
the opposition forces in the north and south remain,
and Turkish troops still hold some territory they have gained.
Iran and Hezbollah support Bashar Assad, as well,
and US planes have not returned, nor Russians from this hell.

Co-sponsors of the peace talks taking place in Kazakstan
have led to the establishment of zones to be de-manned.
Astana’s jaws have been designed to follow UN talks;
but critics cry that Russia will instill the fighting flocks.
Thanks to the Russian army Syria has now been saved,
said Putin, and the state is stabilized. Who dare invade?


Cid Wa’eeb El Sur is a poet of the Middle East. He numbers among his intimates Saudi Becrewel, Eswer El Cubadi, “Scribe” El Uwade, Abdul Serecewi, Esecwiel Barud, W. Israel Ebecud, and Crise de Abu Wel.


On Mathematical Prizes
by Euclidrew Base
It is not people who break ethical standards who are regarded as aliens. It is people like me who are isolated…I cannot stay a pet and say nothing.”
—Grigori Perelman

In May 2006, a Fields Medal was conferred
upon Grigori Perelman for his accomplished work
upon the Poincaré Conjecture. He did not accept.
He didn’t want to be displayed, like animals zoo-kept.
In 2010, he was awarded the Millennial,
the million dollar prize Clay Institute will not recall.
One reason that he felt that it was not completely just;
excluding Richard Hamilton, for him, made it a bust.
And proof was in Clay’s choice to fund a college Chair new-made
for promising math students at the Paris Poincaré.
In short, there’d be no recognition for the real work done;
for Clay insisted on excluding Richard Hamilton.
And as for Yau’s usurping credit for friends Zhu and Cao,
to fight deceit was not what Perelman wished anyhow.


Euclidrew Base wished that Perelman would have accepted the Clay Institute’s million dollars and distributed as he saw fit; but that is second guessing the genius that is Perelman.


Another Sino Cyber Crime
by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei
“Spear Phishing is their favourite type of trawling/trolling.”
—”Wired Clues” Abe

A federal grand jury has indicted three Chinese
for cyber crimes against three economic entities,
the GPS technology producer, Trimble, Inc.,
Siemens AG and Moody’s Analytics hyperlink.
Those cyber members of the Guangzhou-based firm Boyusec
were charged in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, for hijacking tech.
The question is what will the Chinese government now do;
or will the Communists refuse to simply follow through;
since, after all, it’s likely they play for the PLA.
O, Xi Jinping continues on his double-crossing way.


Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei is a poet of contemporary China.


The Spotting of the Ghost Ship on the Sea of Japan
by W. “Cured Eel” Sabi

There passed a weary time. Each eye was parched and glazed with crime.
We watched as missiles flew across the sea’s infernal slime.
When looking westward, we beheld a something on the sea.
A boat was spotted drifting near long Miyazawa Beach.
The ghost ship ran aground upon the gray and sandy stretch.
Who was the grisly captain of that spectre-bark? that wretch?
Were those the ribs through which the Sun did peer, as through a grate?
Eight skeletons were found within the hull, a deadly freight.
We gazed upon the naked hulk in glaring disrepair,
and wondered what would be the fate, awaiting for us there.


Japanese Whaling Video Released
by W. “Cured Eels” Sabi

The whales were harpooned, chased down and hauled into the boat,
before chopped up and turned into filets in frothy float.
The shrapnel lodges in their bodies, and the hooks come out.
Their thrashing to escape will not avail, there is no doubt.
The cable drags them to the surface, where they can be caught,
and later diced up for the Japanese to eat a lot.
And though the killing of the minke whales still occurs
in designated conservation areas, it serves
as a reminder to the governments allowing this,
it won’t be the Humane Society that is remiss.


W. “Cured Eel” Sabi is a poet of Japan and the sea creatures therein.


“The Voyage of the Beagle”
by Bud “Weasel” Rice
“Darwin’s trip sounds like Wyss’ Swiss Family Robinson.”
—Darwic Bedelus

An accidental meal of a lesser rhea, thence
adventures with Tierra del Fuego residents,
attempts to ride the largest wobbly tortoises, and then,
off to Australia first, and back to England’s shores again,
“The Voyage of the Beagle” is the story and the ship
that Charles Darwin took upon his most amazing trip;
from 1831 to 1836 he goes
from England down to South America’s Galápagos,
a journey that transformed his understanding of the World,
and changed biology fore’er with thoughts that he unfurled.


Bud “Weasel” Rice is a poet of nature.