His First Week
          byBrice U. Lawseed

On January 20, Trump’s inauguration speech
included crime and poverty and rusted factories,
while protestors around the globe showed their unhappiness
including one in Washington that had some violence.
The next day wasn’t quieter, when women marched forth proud,
though not so much in Mecca, where nonmuslims aren’t allowed.
The elderly Madonna, at the DC women’s march,
stirred up the crowd in full force with her vile verbal charge.
She said she’d thought an awful lot about b)l)o)w)i)n)g it up—
the White House! since she personally felt out—rage at Trump.
Some television networks cut away from their live feeds,
when she sprayed out some f-bombs to the air, like vulgar weeds.
In front of the iconic hallowed halls of CIA,
which honours those who died in service to the USA,
the President delivered a press conference where he said,
the media had pressed the feud he now insists is dead.
Sean Spicer’s crowds were big, he left reporters in a lurch—
those hungry jackals jockeying to jostle and besmirch;
and recently his tweets, leave even less when they’re in view:
n9y25ah7 and aqenbpuu.
When Kellyanne Conway said that alternative facts were.
Across the Internet some people hit the twittersphere.
Interpretation of the facts is never effortless,
but advocacy groups can’t see beyond their point of yes.
The President told business he’d trim regulations down;
and pulled the US from the TPP, now minus one.
He banned the use of fed funds for aborting fetuses,
no woman in the signing causing viral treatises.
He was sued by some ethics-lawyers for his hotel funds,
while freezing bureaucratic hiring for officialdom.
The ban on two contentious oil pipelines was repealed,
but if and only if the workers handled US steel.
Of course environmentalists were outraged by the act;
while oil industry and unions gladdened at the fact.
The numbers of illegal voters came up in the news,
but none knew what the numbers were, though all knew the abuse.
Director of the FBI James Comey’s quick flip-flop,
apparently was all he needed to preserve his job.
Trump said the wall between America and Mexico
would be continued to impede the ‘yuge’ illegal flow,
and also that the sanctuaries in America
protecting the undocumented could lose capital.
He still insisted that the Mexicans were gonna pay
for this illegal mess that simply will not go away.
Enrique Pena Nieto decided not to go
to visit Donald Trump and leave beloved México.
Trump scrapped Obama’s almost-closing of Guantanamo,
and issued stops on visas to some war-torn battle zones,
like Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.
Iranians went crazy and indeed were furious,
although there was no mention of real torture being done
now in Iran. Who now remembers Neda? Anyone?
Madeleine Albright said she’d register as muslim, yes,
for such, because her own beliefs are not that strong, some guess.
Mark Zuckerburg decried Trump’s immigration policy;
but Trump fired back, decrying his low Facebook salaries.
He said he thought that water-boarding worked, but was okay
his picks for Secretary of Defence and CIA
did not. He simply thought that we should fight Islamic State,
that is, “fight fire with fire,” and not act so damned delicate.
In all the midst of this Theresa May from UK came,
and held his hand descending stairs, the older man and dame.


Brice U. Lawseed is a American poet who remembers from his youth the satirical television comedy “TWTWTW,” i.e., “That Was the Week That Was.”