by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

Though the baby has
a strong and rollicking kick,
his gear’s turtle-speed.


          by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

The planets align,
Jupiter, Venus, the Moon,
on Earth’s horizon,
surprising, spectacular
because so unexpected.

“Clear Dew” Ibuse is a poet of natural settings and Japanese poetic forms.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Space-X docked Crew-4,
with orbitting ISS

“Wired Clues” Abe is a poet using Japanese forms united with technology, who although he appreciates the Gendai movement and New Rising Haiku, very much admires traditional haiku. The ISS, International Space Station, orbits Earth at about 248 miles above the planet.


The Indonesian government banned exports of palm oil,
and left the industry in one great tail-spinning roil;
top import nations, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh,
along with India, apprised the situation shent.

According to Beau Lecsi Werd, the meaning of shent suggests a marred market. The price of cooking oils is rising, even as cooking oils are being rationed in various places around the Globe.


On April 18, 2022, the White House lawn,
while telling kids about Afghanistan and Pakistan,
the Easter Bunny intervened and cut him off. C’mon man.
The Easter Bunny, at the egg roll, moved Joe Biden on.


It’s not as much as was abandoned in Afghanistan:
the 3.7 billion dollars for arms in Ukraine.


The Genie
          by “Scribe” El Uwade

I saw the genie rise up tall beside the golden lamp,
as cautious as a driver on a superhighway ramp.
He looked about, both right and left, behind and up ahead;
each move he made he wanted to be careful, wary, staid.
Whose owner was he now? What wishes must he now perform?
He dreaded every rubber of the lamp, each new one more.
Humanity was filled with greedy individuals;
if nothing more, it was the sum of squared residuals.
Computed eigenvectors, crucial for the work at hand,
analysis of the parameters, the port and span.

“Scribe” El Uwade is a poet of Nilotic and Mesopotamian civilizations, supporting the Palmyran interpretation of the gny. Tadmur, in central Syria, has a population of around 50,000.


Explosions at an oil depot rocked a Russian base,
that is, the one located in the city of Bryansk.

Seventy kilometers from Ukraine, Bryansk has a population of around 400,000.


O, Kyra
          by Radice Lebewsu

Beast Putin prayed at Easter service, as his vicious troops
killed Valerie Hlodan, and baby Kyra, grandma too.
So beautiful she was. O, Kyra, you cannot come back.
O, baby, mom and grandma—all destroyed in the attack.
Odessa, you have lost a precious child to this quell.
Her big, blue eyes, forever a reminder of his Hell.
O, only three months old! the Butcher and his Deadly Force
have crushed so many in Ukraine upon their vicious course.
O, Kyra, you cannot come back, so lovely and so pure.
The Bloody Tyrant and his Force are murdering. O, Kyr…a.

Radice Lebewsu is a poet fond of Ukraine.


There are three large mass graves around Mariupol, it seems:
at Vynorhradne, Manhush, and as well at Staryi Krym.


More than five-million now have left, Ukrainian souls chased.
As well eight-million people are internally displaced.


A Shadow of His Former Self
          by El Cid E. W. Rubesa

He saw he was a shadow of his former, warmer self.
He felt so thin and narrow, like an arrow or a shell.
He looked off to the side. He saw El Greco standing tall,
as if in Spain he could disdain the grand Commanding All.
He said so long to the Baroque, that matador in gold,
with ruby eyes and dark brown sash, o, sinewy and bold.
He tossed the glittering away, the rich and beautiful,
for only but a bit of day, for only but a bull.
He saw the lovely distant mountains high above the hills.
No longer would he now refer to his bullfights as skill.

El Cid E. W. Rubesa is a poet of Spanish arts who loves the artwork of Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος, El Greco (1541-1614) a painter from Crete, part of the Venetian Empire then, who went to Toledo, Spain, to become a major Mannerist painter of El Siglo de Oro He is noted for sinewy, elongated figures, phantasmagorical pigmentation, and expressionistic style.


Police in Paris killed two in a car upon Pont Neuf.
A car found rushing toward police had traveled far enough.
Macron had just won the election; the car did not halt.
The rifle was a Heckler and Koch G36 Assault.


Democracy in the Dark
          by Usa Celebride

Apparently some demogogues think freedom’s tyranny:
disqualifying and disinformation start with d.
A FeD juDge is allowing challenges to candidates
in an election, if they are not liked by litigants.


Crazed Twitter users feared their platform would be plagued by scum,
where bad folk will post bad things, as It’s bought by Elon Musk.
Some asked what will become of It. Has Big Tech gone too far?
Will some folk censor others? Will some try to raise the bar?

Musk bought Twitter for about $44,000,000,000.


The Absence Of
          by R. Lee Ubicwedas

The Sun was shining thru the window thru the green oak leaves
in dappled apple cinnamon below the lovely eaves.
The shadows flickered in the breeze across geographies;
o’er socks and belt, the light shades melt, ah, silver jewelry.
The morning lies spectacular upon the spring-green lawn.
White cloudy skies in open eyes reveal the naked dawn.
An animal is stalking, gawking in the neighbourhood.
A rabbit zips across a yard; a hawk glides up above.
Although the scintillating picture may seem fine and good,
this is not love, this is not fun, it’s simply absence of…

R. Lee Ubicwedas is a poet of…


It’s All One Think
          Cadwel E. Bruise

He has a lot to say, and says it fast and to the point.
He’s one of the beknighted benedight found in this Joint.
His breath’s broad breadth is powerful; it heaves with leftist heft,
but rarely countenances rightist thinking in its weft.
It’s all one think…It’s reminiscent of the Ginsberg flair.
At times, I think, he is the one who caught that mighty air.
Who else? Who keeps his columns coming, like brisk, locust plagues,
devouring and showering the World with his galez?

Cadwel E. Bruise is a poet of New England. Allen Ginsberg (1926-1999) was a PostModernist American poet. According to Beau Lecsi Werd, galez are whirling gazes. One of his favourite PostModernist Bostonian poets is James van Looy.


Writings Redux
          by Wilbur Dee Case

One never could describe the writings of a period,
because all of the works therein would be a myriad:
There’s oratory, allegory, satire and romance,
epistles, journals, memoirs, sermons, law and reference,
didactic, lyric, epic, education, history,
translation, science, criticism, and philosophy;
there’s comedy and tragedy, math and biography
short stories, fables, novels, essays, and theology,
expository, politics, descriptive, prophecy,
persuasive, narrative, e-mails, proverbs, poetry;
there’s drama, sketches, articles, how-tos and monologues,
advice, opinions, dissertations, résumés, and blogs,
notes, copywriting, editing, research and technical,
wit, humour…Damn, the best thing is to be eclectical!

Wilbur Dee Case is a literary critic of the Middle Way.