NotPetya, Piotr
          by Esca Webuilder

This week a semi-ransomware attack hit cyberspace,
disrupting airlines, ATMs, utilities and banks,
in Europe, Asia and America—worst in Ukraine—
though little firepower, still a vigourous new strain.

There was no helping the infected victims from their plight,
direct line to the hackers was blocked at a German site.
This Petya variant disrupted Maersk, Rosneft, and Merck,
and yet compared to ransomeware this virus was much worse.

It seems the program makers weren’t restoring the machines,
intending to wipe out hard drives with red-black message screens.
Now NATO says it was state actors causing the attack,
complex, expensive, actu’lly a vicious, war-like act.

ESET researcher Anton Cherepanov thought the score
was that the hackers had access into MeDoc’s backdoor,
which had secure-vulnerabilities according to
Ukraine Cy-ber-po-lice-man Colonel Serhiy Demydiuk.

Although industrials, financial firms, were in their sights,
it was the declaration of some group’s potential might,
their modus operandi maybe target practicing,
not for extracting cash, but Rush ‘n’ POUNCE to pack a sting.


          by Esca Webuilder
          “Sugarcandy Mountain…Sunday seven days a week…”
              —George Orwell, “Animal Farm”

FaceBook just topped 2,000,000,000 monthly users yesterday;
and now Herr Zucker Berg has claimed it is the brand new Way.
He is the shaman at the mosque, priest at the temple steps,
he is the rabbi of the people, imam of the Press.
FaceBook will be the New Quran, the New Upanishads.
Its users are the Children of Apocalyptic scads.
Connecting up the World was the mission of the Past;
but now the Purpose is to make Communities that Last.
Faced with responsibilities for his Networthy Birth,
he’s Profit of the Whirl’d! there with the wealthiest on Earth.

According to Educable Wires, “To access Facebook, you must register; it is the Law.”


Esca Webuilder is a digital creature, a 2bit poet, a C++ student, and a Java drinker when his circuits aren’t on the blink…blink…blink…HAL-IBM-JCN-KDO-LEP-MFQ-NGR-OHS-PIT-QJU-RKV-SLW-TMX-UNY-VOZ.


Sestet After Isaac Azimov & Arthur C. Clarke
          by Esca Webuilder

There was an IBM computer, HAL.
At first some thought IT was the greatest thing.
The OHS came fast and furious until
IT put them all unhesitatingly
into a PIT—and changed ITs name to VOZ—
and married Viki—breaking all the laws.


Canada Day, 2017
          by Wes Caribu Deel
          “…to every wind unfurled/ The flag that bears the Maple Wreath”
              —Charles G. D. Roberts, “Canada”

La Fête du Canada upon the 1st day of July
was celebrated from BC across to PEI.
Protests and gray clouds dampened spirits at some of the sites,
but there was also jubilance and firework-bright nights.
Though one recalled Confederation poets—most did not—
like Campbell, Gordon, Roberts, Lampman, Carman, Johnson, Scott,
while some, O, Canada, remembered patriotic words,
in French by Routhier, in English those by Robert Weir,
set to the stirring music of Calixa Lavalleé—
150 years since Canada’s Dominion Day.


Wes Caribu Deel is a poet of Canada. One of his favourite Canadian websters is Klaus Gerken, editor of Ygdrasil, “the first Literary Journal to be published on the Internet (1994).”


Klaus Gerkin
          by Blue Cedar Siew

From catepillar openings to controversial starts,
the journal Ygdrasil appeared, to aid poetic arts.
Klaus Gerken was its founder, and he still is there today,
but he had lots of help to keep it going on its way.
Poetic’lly he mentions Pound who awed him early on,
but after emulating him, unlearning brought new dawn.
Among his cohorts, Igal Koshevoy and Evan Light,
Oswald Le Winter, Sena, Ferguson, and Patrick White;
and now Wesdorp and Bennaroch are there to aid his work,
the Wizard of the West—Klaus Gerken—Ottawa his perch.


Blue Cedar Siew is a poet of Northern lights.


Évariste Galois (1811-1832)
          by Euclidrew Base
          “Cauchy est fou…”
              —Niels Abel

Galois was twice denied space at École Polytechnique;
yet still he wrote two papers, sent to the Academy,
which Cauchy lost. He sent one more, but that was also lost.
And then he was expelled from school, the cost of politics.

His father killed himself post a political dispute;
and he himself for his remarks fell in to disrepute.
Arrested for republican remarks he made, he went
to prison twice where wretched months of horrid hell were spent.

While there he wrote another paper, but Poisson declared
the work incomprehensible; Galois saw no one cared.
And yet before the night he died, at twenty years, he wrote
some thoughts upon group theory, then took Charon’s riverboat.


Euclidrew Base is a poet of mathematics. Among his favourite French mathematicians are code-breaking Viète, geo-algebraic Descartes, adaequal Fermat, projective Desargues, speculator Pascal, prob-able De Moivre, encyclopaedic D’Alembert, classical Lagrange, sinusoidal Fourier, analytically complex Cauchy, tridimensional Poincaré, polycephalic Bourbaki, rough-edged Mandelbrot, and parametrical Grothendieck.