Asymmetric Organocatalysis
          by Ira “Dweeb” Scule

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2021
has been awarded to two scientists for what they’ve done,
a German—List, and US/Scot—MacMillan, for their work,
uncovering a catalyst that is the World’s third,
back in 2000, searching independently alone,
beyond the enzymes and the metals, previously known.
Now used in drug discovery, new pharmaceuticals,
and building molecules that capture light in solar cells,
their new toolbox, as simple as it is ingenious,
is bringing benefits to nearly everyone of us.

Ira “Dweeb” Scule is a poet of the natural sciences.


          by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

A new baby leaps
into this old universe:
the sound of trouble.

“Clear Dew” Ibuse is a poet of Japanese forms in English, especially the traditional haiku, which reached its zenith in the 17th -19th centuries.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Scratching at the glass
of the liquor cabinet:
What does the cat want?

“Wired Clues” Abe is a NewMillennial poet interested in the comingling of technology and Japanese poetic forms, like the haiku.


Liu Xia to Xiaobo
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

She said the weather wasn’t good, beneath the lush Sun’s rays,
on June the 2nd, 1989, within those daze.
Behind him, when she patted his head’s hair, it pricked her palm.
It seemed so very strange to her, there, outside of the law.
She didn’t have a chance to say a word to him before…he was
a character found in the news, becoming glorious.
She was worn down, there standing at the edge of that large crowd,
just smoking, looking at the sky, beneath the rising cloud.
A new myth then was forming, maybe, but she could not see,
because the Sun was far too bright, notorious, and free.


The Pillar of the Nation’s Shame
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

The “Pillar of the Nation’s Shame” is but eight meters high,
on Hong Kong University, beneath a dark’ning sky.
The statue by Jens Galschiøt, from 1996,
remembers Ti-an-an-men massacre’s ten thousand kills.
It is a symbol of the crimes against humanity,
but how much longer will the statue be allowed to be.
If “Pillar of the Nation’s Shame” is toppled to the ground,
some fear free thought and free expression will be taken down,
free speech and free research becoming just things of the past,
that, though the people wanted them, found out they wouldn’t last.

Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei is a poet of NewMillennial China. Liu Xiaobo (1955-2017) was a Chinese writer and literary critic who received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2010. He died in prison in China. Liu Xia is a poet, and was his wife, who has since gone to Germany. This tennos draws largely from a poem of hers. Jens Galschiøt is a NewMillennial Danish sculptor.


News comes day after day, as Hong Kong’s freedoms die…away…
Last month Hong Kong Alliance was disbanded in dismay.
Its leaders were a “threat” to “National Security”;
arrested, charged; authorities, then froze their property.


They Are Anonymous
          by Esca Webuilder

They are Anonymous and legion. They do not forget.
The hactivists put pro-Taiwan pics on the Internet.
They hacked a Chinese tourist promo site with images,
its black-suit emblem leading off its latest scrimmages:
the anthem of Taiwan, its flag, its freedom ensign too,
and Xi Jinping announcing brand new covids for our view;
Rob Monster mocked, Li Wenliang, Bruce Lee invoked to fight;
a manifesto from Anonymous-Malaysia’s “site”,
accusing Instagram & TikTok of their “rapist” schemes.
“Things are about to get moar snippy!” was their final meme.

Esca Webuilder is a poet of the Internet.

Anonymous is a group of hackers, who, in 2014, leaked emails, passwords, and files from the Chinese government; Xi Jinping is the Communist dictator of China. Rob Monster is the CEO of Epik, a company hacked on September 13, 2021, by Anonymous. Li Wenliang (1985-2020) was the Wuhan opthalmologist who first warned of the Sars-Cov-2 outbreak from the WIV facilities. Bruce Lee (1940-1973) was a Hong Kong American martial artist and actor.


The Pandora Papers
          by Brad Lee Suciew

A cache of files of the rich revealed recently
the biggest trove of off-shore data seen in history,
exposing wealthy individuals across the Globe,
who hide their hoards in lands, such as Dubai and Monaco.
More than one-hundred billionaires are found within this catch,
leaked data of tax havens and this sheltered lot of cash.

Emails, records, memos, shares, of these shell companies,
reveal leaders, business figures, and celebrities,
like Jordan’s King, Azerbaijani’s Aliyevs, and more,
the Czech Prime Minister, and Cyprus President…galore…
so many places where so many store so many goods;
it’s difficult to analyze this stash, this treasured dodge.

Brad Lee Suciew is a poet of business.


          by Esiud E. Werecub

The all-endowed and gifted woman that Hephaestus wrought—
Pandora—got a lot of presents from most of the gods,
that is, at least, according to the poet Hesiod,
theogonist, misogynist and yeoman pessimist.
Her box, a jar, in fact, contained uncounted, evil plagues,
which, when she opened it, filled Earth—so many things escaped;
although it seems, according to the poet Hesiod,
that hope remained within the jar. What does that even mean?
The lid was closed by aegis-wielding Zeus, who gathers clouds,
from whom no one can get away, between one’s bib and shrouds.

Esiud L. Werecub is a poet of ancient Greek literature. Hesiod (active in the century, 750 BC – 650 BC) is a major source for ancient Greek mythology.


          by Ercules Edibwa

I saw him in the morning sky, beside the grinning Moon,
Orion next to Taurus’ neck on the horizon’s z-o-o-m.
Although appearing stationary, all there was in flux,
propelling stars amidst a scene’s imaginary crux.
He rose up supernat’rally, above Poseidon’s beach,
and out of range of Scorpius, beyond its deadly reach.
He held his club, he held his shield, his sword there hanging from
the belt around his middle, in between his legs and tum.
But see, his trepidation in dark shadows all around,
who ne’er dips in to Oceanus streaming waters sounds.

Ercules Edibwa is a poet of ancient Greece who admires Hercules for his strength, an essential quality to thrive upon this Earth.


The Murderer Is the Disease
          by Luis de Cawebre

The government appointed him to lead the war against
the virulent coronavirus come to Portugal,
Vice Admiral Henrique de Gouveia e Melo,
by vaccinating nearly every eligible soul.
Since February, dressed in camo, he has faced this task;
and this week stepped down from the job, now most have gotten vaxxed.

When asked for his advice upon how best to do his work,
he said first find the helpers who are nonpolitical,
rely upon the soldiery, troops build up confidence,
and show that doctors and the nurses think this is the best,
by getting vaccinated with all of the Portuguese,
reminding people that the murderer is the disease.

Luis de Cawebre is a poet of Portugal. 86% of Portugal’s people have been vaxxed, 98% of those eleigible for the vax. Sars-CoV-2 cases Worldwide: 235,000,000+ and deaths Worldwide: 4,800,000+.


At the Landfill Dump
          Luce Awe De Bris

I felt so out of place when I went to the landfill dump.
Gigantic trucks with giant trailers with a lot of stuff.
My compact SUV was loaded up with furniture,
most of which were quite little yea, almost miniature.
I was in line, there waiting to be weighed, to drop them off,
with huge, humungous hulks on gravel—rocky, chunky, rough.
Once weighed, the SUV proceeded on the rugged road;
it climbed the hill to reach the fill o’er clump and hole—o, hold.
I felt, as mammals might have felt among Jurassic chops,
like those of crass tyrannosaurus or tryceratops.

Luce Awe De Bris is a poet of garbage.


The Singer
          by Educable Wires

The singer sang his songs. He longed to have a solid hit—
a runaway success that would make him well-known and rich.
He married, tarried, waried of the World he was born in;
it was the pits—but also glitz—a sphere of fizz and sin.

The singer drank his wrongs and cranked out songs—one hit;
and suddenly he had a run that went a while, then quit.
Yet, still, he tried. He cried. He lied. His heart-felt music flew.
O, people wanted to hear it—its spirit—not a few.

The singer played his sweet guitar, but he was not that good.
He fell to pieces when he sang not as well as he should.
Of course, divorce, the alcohol, no new song came to him;
and so one day, he went away, and left the solar swim.

Educable Wire is a poet of popular music.


Eating Yogurt with a Spoon
          by Carb Deliseuwe

He stood up at the window, eating yogurt with a spoon.
In early morning light, it was so hard to see the Moon.
He loved the cool and creamy texture on his waiting tongue,
the berry flavour, very tasty, there so placed, and hung.
He held the plastic shape within his left-hand’s fingered grip,
as he dipped in the spoon into its circular-ringed lip.

Outside the window, he could see a neigbour walking past,
o, back and forth, he moved beyond the full length of the glass.
He stared until the man in black tee had gone by his side,
and scraped the bottom of his bowl, content and satisfied;
then took his polypropylene container to the trash,
and foil lid, but not to the recycling bin’s cache.

Carb Deliseuwe is a poet of food. He recently had his first pumpkin-spice coffee frappucino.