by Esca Webuilder

A grizzly steps across the steppes; the RISk is grave. Avaunt.
Has it approached the power grid in Burlington, Vermont?
According to the Post post, hackers w-hacked America;
we should “be both alarmed and outraged,” yes, hiss-terri-cal.
And Joint Analysis Report notes Russians on the net,
both 28 and 29—Advanced Persistent Threat—
have sent emails with malicious links to victims, who
would share credentials, used to access files they could view.
Some of these evil perpetrators, code named to keep safe,
like Carberp, Tsar Team, PinchDuke, SYNful Knock, and Sour Face,
were recently unceremoniously booted out
from a Long Island compound and a Chesapeake redoubt.
Now U. S. Spy Chief Clapper states there is a “major threat”
that’s “existential” and comes from the Russian government.

Esca Webuilder is an Internet webster, who loves terse verse and writing e-poetry.


A Slugfest’s Tough Screen Test
Cawb Edius Reel

When Moral Streep claimed football and mixed martial arts aren’t art,
the Trumpet shot back, she’s an over-rated actress tart.
In La-la-land, the winners, while they gave themselves awards,
whined all about that horrid man who will not suck their gourds.
The way a grovelling reporter had been treated once,
caused mOral Streep to break down…oh, that tweeting Donald Dunce;
and many flackeys thought that Trump had gone “too far” to say
such awful things about the righteous Moral Strip Away…
Perhaps what’s missing from this picture—Do I dare suggest?
an actress who can block and pass a slugfest’s tough screen test.

Cawb Edius Reel is a film buff who enjoyed the refined acting talents of John Cena in “The Marine.”


by Caud Sewer Bile

BuzzFeed has put in print a 35-page dossier,
alleging Donald Trump is on Vladimir Putin’s take.
The alphabetic memo sources speak of compromise,
cavorting, cultivating, and supporting shady guise.
BuzzFeed has now been called “a failing pile of garbage” by
the Precedent-elect, known as an understated guy,
who tried his very best to not give CNN abuse,
“Your or-gan-i-za-tion is ter-ri-ble…you are fake news.”
BuzzFeed has now upset the hive; bees swarm the Internet.
Click here to read the unsubstantiated document.

Caud Sewer Bile is a news junkie.