by Wilbur Dee Case

One never could describe the writings of a period,
because all of the works therein would be a myriad:
There’s oratory, allegory, satire and romance,
epistles, journals, memoirs, sermons, law and reference,
didactic, lyric, epic, education, history,
translation, science, criticism, and philosophy;
there’s comedy and tragedy, math and biography
short stories, fables, novels, essays, and theology,
expository, politics, descriptive, prophecy,
persuasive, narrative, e-mails, proverbs, poetry;
there’s drama, sketches, articles, how-tos and monologues,
advice, opinions, dissertations, resumes, and blogs,
notes, copywriting, editing, research and technical,
wit, humour…Damn, the best thing is to be eclectical!

Wilbur Dee Case is a poet and literary critic.


          by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

A large treasure chest,
gleams with shimmering jewels:
sunrise o’er rooftops.

“Clear Dew” Ibuse is a poet of Japan.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

A huge, jouncing truck
hauls a king-sized bed and more,
bouncing each road dip.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Heading straight for her,
a car going the wrong way:
fields of sugar cane.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

The full freeway roars,
a river of cars and trucks:
the morning commute.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Rotting autumn leaves,
cigarette residue smoke,
barbecuing meat:
aromas of the evening
meet the bicycle rider.

“Wired Clues” Abe is an existential poet of Japanese forms in English on technology.


Communist China Supports BLM
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

Although they won’t support a democratic Hong Kong vote
nor independent nation of Taiwan (That will not float,)
nor free Tibet (O, that is something that can never be.);
nor Xinjiang receiving any self autonomy;
nor heeding any nation’s claims in the South China Sea,
like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines,
nor granting India the Line of Actual Control;
nor honouring the islands that the Japanese now own;
nor a society that longs to have democracy;
nor honest business practices, religious liberty;
nor blame for the coronavirus that they could not stem;
they can at least perceive there’s value in the BLM.


The Sentencing of Ablikim Kalkun
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei
          “The goolag thrives.”
              —Seer Ablicadew

In China, people aren’t allowed free speech to voice their views.
For cover-ups and censorship it’s hard to get the news.
But we have learned that Ablikim Kalkun is now in jail
for singing Uyghur songs the Chinese Communists assail.

In China, justice is covert and practiced randomly.
Last year, we have just learned, Kalkun was sentenced secretly.
He has been sent for eighteen years off to a prison camp,
apparently to no surprise to any Uyghur champ.

In China, people aren’t allowed free speech to voice their views,
nor singing Uyghur somgs the government does not approve,
songs like “Qerindashlar” or “Essalamu Eleykum”,
which are objectionable to the Communist Commune.

Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei is a poet of China. “Qerindashlar” or “Essalamu Eleykum” are songs of “brotherhood” and “peace.”


Snow Leopard Op
          by Sree Leci Budwa
          “At the top of the mountain we are all snow leopards.”
              —Hunter S. Thompson

A splotchy, camouflaged snow leopard stalks the Himavat.
It will not go; it wants to stay; this is its native haunt.
Quite stealthily it climbs the heights. Why does it go so high?
Anticipating enemies, it waits with open eyes.
A giant dragon roves about the tow’ring mountain peaks.
From puffed up cheeks, its breath is flaming, fire-deadly reeks.
The keen snow leopard watches curving scarlet scales wind;
It hears the dragon’s many mechanized parts scrape and grind.
The reticent snow leopard walks about its habitat.
It does its duty there for life on slopes of Himavat.

Sree Leci Budwa is a poet of India.


Along the Winding River Avon
          by Wilude Scabere

Along the winding River Avon, Stratford, Warwickshire,
a swan was swimming past the hanging willows by the shore,
the long and slender, yellow, green and brown leaves hanging down,
perhaps the distant call of London touched a thoughtful crown,
a family would need financial sources to go on,
perhaps an usher at his school got on his horse at dawn,
perhaps a playing group of men appeared with one less man,
performing Richard, Henry, Lear, enrolled an honest man.
If he proceeded with that company or on his own,
it would have been momentous for his troop or all alone.

Wilude Scabere is a poet and literary critic of England. This tennos rferes to W. S.


Some Jews Were Celebrating
          By Israel W. Ebecud

On Monday night, some Jews were celebrating happily.
There waving flags and singing songs, there dancing joyfully.
The night was dark, but there was light upon them shimmering
Nearby, however, there was also darkness simmering.
On Monday night, some Jews were celebrating Sukkot Feast,
when Mayor Bill DeBlasio sent out New York police,
because those Jews had dared to be on New York City streets,
because those Jews had dared to be, as seen on varied tweets.
On Monday night, October 5th, in 2020, seen
some Jews were waving flags and singing, dancing…luckily.

Israel W. Ebecud is a poet of the Jewish people.


In Stillest Night
          by I Warble Seduce

In stillest night, I hear the opened can of 7-Up;
its tiny, carbonated bubbles pop, like drops of rain.
The train reminds me other men and women work the night.
I hear a distant auto rev, though it be out of sight.
The air-conditioner works on to keep us warm or cool.
The cat is purring, curled up, though it is not in view.
The sound at night I’ve loved the most in my entire life,
though not here now, I still remember best, my loving wife.
And though my eyes are closed, I know the giant Globe turns on
with countless cosmic galaxies, although there is no Dawn.

I Warble Seduce is a poet of love.