An Episode in Cyberspace
          for Marcus Hutchins,
          by Esca Webuilder

Between emails and Skype calls, could pause
to tell his story of the WannaCrypt malware’s sharp jaws.
No accidental hero, his job is to look for ways
to track and stop the botnets that appear in cyberspace.
He got a sample of the malware with help from Kafeine,
researching friend and fellow cyber warrior sight unseen.
In his analysis milieu, he ran the sample bane
and noted that it queried an unregistered domain,
which he then registered, a vital and important tweak;
the worm scanned SMB hosts with its ShadowBroker leak.
Some seconds after the domain had gone live, he received
a DM from a Talos analyst, which he delieved.
ProofPoint researcher Huss then stated in a posted tweet
the registration stopped the malware on the wired street.
At this point he was jumping round, with overwhelming zen,
when he got RANSOMWARED by running it, then once again.
The spread had been prevented, and the sinkhole that he made
had stopped the epidemic ransomware from its blockade—
this highly virulent new strain, self-replicating curse,
that shut computers down all over cyberuniverse,
more than 300,000 on a weekend’s vicious jaunt;
though other stealthy ghost-like malware still is on the haunt.


Esca Webuilder is a terse verse, Internet webster, and intimate of Japanese-focused “Wired Clues” Abe.


In Mass Society
          by Urbawel Cidese

Each new day is a battle and a struggle to endure.
In mass society it’s easy to remain obscure.
How much do others care for us? and how much can we care
for people who don’t know us, or that we are even there?
We fly along our highways wi-ld-ly in vehicles,
and hope we will survive the traffic’s crazy miracles,
the near collisions, foolish exits, and the lengthy stops,
that seem extended past the entrance where our patience drops.
It isn’t easy interweaving with humanity,
and there are times it seems we’ll all lose our urbanity.


Urbawel Cidese is a poet enamoured of urban settings, is intrigued by cities, and is enchanted by complex megalopolises. When he was young, he used to plot out imaginary cities with his father,
and made up games with the real cities of the World.


Particle Physics’ Standard Model
          by Ira “Dweeb” Scule

In the beginning of our era scientists averred
that atoms were the smallest units of the universe.
But shortly subatomic particles were posited;
electrons, protons, neutrons, then, were neatly closeted:
the former, an example of a lepton, soon was joined
by muons, taus, and three neutrinos, all by flavours coined;
the latter two, examples of composite baryons,
were, with the mesons, such as, pions, hadron carry-ons.
Six quarks compose the hadrons, up, down, bottom, top and strange,
along with charm, and in the standard theory thus arranged.
Gauge bosons, like the gluons, photons, W, and Z,
the fundamental carriers of force, came finally,
Higgs boson, too, an excitation of a quantum field,
but gravity’s force-carrier, yet not part of the yield.
And then, perhaps, these point-like particles could be replaced
by one-dimensionals called strings, that propagate through space.
M-theory, formulated by Ed Witten in one spring,
suggests a grand proposal for a scheme of everything;
though as of yet, there’s no experimental evidence,
but that it has a certain mathematic elegance.


Ira “Dweeb” Scule is a poet who likes thinking about and writing on scientific topics. He is inspired by the work of writers, like Eratosthenes.


          by Ercules Edibwa

He was a music theorist and a geographer,
a poet, mathematician, and an astronomer.
He was a chief librarian at Alexandria,
the Grecian Eratosthenes, perhaps Cyrenian.
He was the first to calculate the Earth’s circumference,
as well as the Earth’s tilt, by using facts and common sense.
He made the first map of the world on its daily spin,
incorporating latitudes and longitudes therein.
His sieve was an effective way of gathering the primes.
He was the most remarkable Pentathlos of his times.


Ercules Edibwa is a poet fond of ancient Greece. He is an intimate of Acwiles Berude and Esiad L. Werecub, fellow Hellenistic associates, and is an admirer of Homer and Hesiod.