Beam Power Energy Transmission
          by Eric Awl De Beus

New Zealand is about to test its long-range wireless,
like Tesla sitting in a chair electric’lly obsessed.
Experiments conducted back in Colorado once
led to his most audacious of proposals—powered nonce—
a system without wires JP Morgan backed back then,
transmission towers that would energize the world of men.
Now if New Zealand’s startup Emrod gets to have its way,
beam power over distances could see a brand new day.
Its prototype has currently sent watts of energy
across a distance of about one-hundred-thirty feet.

Eric Awl De Beus is a poet of New Zealand. Nikola Tesla (1858-1943) was a noted Serbo-American scientist.


          by “Lice Brews” Ueda

All of a sudden
a winged grasshopper launches.
A large cat pounces.


          by “Lice Brews” Ueda

The white crepe myrtle,
a gardener’s dilemma,
branches dangling out.

“Lice Brews” Ueda is a haiku writer of the small.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Elk bounding, pounding,
a dozen lean, tall runners—
a mean, green machine.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Five golden dragons,
the virtues that must ve there,
happiness, honor,
purity of heart, wisdom,
and last, but not least, laughter.

“Wired Clues” Abe is a haiku poet combining Japanese structure and English.


Along the Line of Actual Control
          by Badri Suwecele

Along the Line of Actual Control, the threat persists;
incursions keep occurring by the Chinese Communists.
On Monday, Chinese Communists began their crass crusade;
the Indians used megaphones and floodlights to dissuade.
But then the Chinese troops fired warning shots into the air,
with rifles and machine guns, trying to invoke despair.
Then China mobilized its tanks and combat vehicles,
alerting Indian T-90 tanks, prepped for attack.
These are the facts at Makhpan Top; the Chinese went way;
brave Indians have used the playbook of the PLA.

Badri Suwecele is a poet of India. China’s claims that India fired warning shots apparently are lies; the only warning shots came from the Communists.


Coal Mining in Hwange Park
          by Badrue Ecsweli

Zimbabwe’s Socialist Mnangagwa has approved coal mines
for Chinese Communists in Hwange Park—sign of the times.
The move has worried rangers in the nation’s large reserve,
for he has over-ridden the environment concerns.
The park is home to 10% of Earth’s wild elephants,
And various endangered species of some consequence,
like lions, rhinos, and the other wildlife as such.
Agreements signed in Paris do not seem to mean that much.
Zimbabwe workers best beware if Zhang Xuelin’s in town;
the Chinese have an appetite for coal that has no bounds.

Badrue Ecsweli is a poet of Southern Africa.


          by Ercules Edibwa

I think I saw him—Aristaeus—at a grassy hole,
out planting oleander with a long and narrow pole;
but I could not observe his face, I only saw his legs.
Someday perhaps his tree would give rise to a treasure chest
of olives; but for now, it simply was the plodding work
of digging—dig, dig, dig—of lifting, heaving, jack and jerk.
He tried to make his true stand tall by putting firmly down
upon the brown earth of his mother Gaia’s godly ground.
And truly I was quite amazed to see him as he toiled,
a chthonic king in action on Boetian, grassy soil.

Ercules Edibwa ia a poet of ancient Greece.


          by Alberdi Ucwese

I saw the statue at the Boboli, in Florence, o;
its beauty was spectacular, its stature so-and-so.
I loved its lines and curves; they were remarkable at least;
Caccini’s figure with a pipe a veritable feast.
John Singer Sergeant’s study, light and shadows filtering,
against the foliage, lush and golden, green and silvery.
How beautiful the picture is. It takes one’s breath away;
the presentation overall dismays in its display.
O, how one longs to be there, see its beauty in the air,
the garden at the Pitti Palace, gorgeous, bland and bare.

Alberdi Ucwese is a poet of Florentine art. Giovanni Battista Caccini (1556-1613) was a late Mannerist Italian sculptor, John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) an American Realist painter.


The Ginger-Bearded Dude
          by Wes Caribu Deel

He went about his business with aplomb and some panache—
the ginger bearded dude now making somewhat of a splash.
He longed to be positioned for whatever came his way.
He did not want to find he ever was a beast at bay.
He longed for sweetest happiness, avoiding pulsing pain.
He wanted badly to fill up the corners of his brain.
He tried to take and make the hardest things more bearable,
attempting to make grassy fields far more arable.
He strove to be a strong, good guy wherever he might land,
enjoying all the pleasure that he could get or withstand.

Wes Caribu Deel is a poet of Canada.


A Piece of Information
          by Erisbawdle Cue

What makes a piece of information vital to itself?
What gives it lasting power, makes it worth more than what’s felt?
What gives it value even after it has been expressed?
What does it gain when it has been infused with strength compressed?
What brings to it importance and the most significance?
What justifies its repetition, more than only once?
What detriment does it expunge? What good does it accrue?
What brings its purpose in the here and now, and long time too?
What causes it to rise above the ordinary bland?
How does it finally become impressive, and/or grand?

Erisbawdle Cue is a poet of philosophy.