by “Wired Clues” Abe

Against the red dawn,
the water tower is lit
in exploding gleams.

“Wired Clues” Abe is a haiku poet combing technology with Japanes structure and English.


by “Lice Brews” Ueda

A lone cicada,
when a lady approaches,
becomes quiet, still,
high on the second story,
on the outside of a house.

“Lice Brews” Ueda is a poet of Japanese forms written in English.


Vladivostok Brochure
by Rus Ciel Badeew

It’s the administrative center of Primorsky vrai,
located on Zolotoy Rog, the Golden Hornèd Bay.
The town was founded 1860 as am outpost fort,
and now is an important naval base and busy port.
The gorgeous hilly setting of the “Master of the East”
contains two massive bridges that were buildt just recently,
decaying buildings, Soviet and ornate Tsarist too,
in dire need of scrub on sweeping boulevards in view.
Oak woods surround the city, lotus lakes are blossoming.
In August they are beautiful. O, what an awesome thing.


Navalny in Berlin
by Rus Ciel Badeew

He took a tea from a cafe, while boarding the airplane.
He started sweating during flight. He felt a vile pain.
Navalny poisoned—was it Kremlin engineers at Tomsk?—
Emergency—the plane had got to land, and quick, at Omsk.
He in a coma fell—Alexie—in Siberia—
not far enough away from all the mad hysteria.
At first his wife was not allowed to see her husband there—
request to move denied—Macron and Merkel offered care.
Flown to Berlin, in Germany, as fast as possible.
now on a ventilator at the Charite hospital.

Rus Ciel Badeew is a poet of Russia. The population of Vladivostok is approximately 600,000. The largest number of tourists to Vladivosto come from China and South Korea. Tomsk has a population of over 500,000 and Omsk over 1,100,000. Dictators, like Putin in Russia, or Xi Jinping in Communist China, do not allow opposition figures to impede their edicts.


Svetlana Alexievich Called for Questioning
by Edewic Belarus

In Minsk, in Belarus, investigators of the state
have called in for some questioning the Nobel laureate,
Svetlana Alexievich, for what she has to say
involving crime against the Council in a recent case.
The new Coordination Council was set up to stoke
transition to a government of, by, and for the folk.
Dictator Lukashenko thinks the Council is a farce,.
illegally attempting seizing pow’r in Belarus.
But isn’t that what Lukashenko has already done
by falsifying his election earlier this month?

Edewic Belarus is a poet of Belarus. All but his first election in 1994 as President of Belarus have been declared unfree and unfair by election observers. Svetlana Alexievich was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 2015.


The Golden Mean
by Aedile Cwerbus

Right living’s hard, the ever-urgent prow pursuing storms
or pressing up against life’s dangers, tricky shoals and shores.
The golden mean is perfect, but hard to achieve. It lies
between th’ abodes exciting envy and those men despise.

O, oft it’s pine or tower, shaken to its very core,
that falls, or mountain tops attracting striking lightning’s bore.
Be brave in hard times, apprehensive in prosperity;
for he who crushes winter will bring back asperity.

If things are bad right now, though, they won’t always just be so;
Apollo plays his lyre’s strings, as well as shoots his bow.
When straits you sail narrow, show yourself undaunted, bold;
but be wise too, and take in sails when fierce winds are unrolled.

Aedile Cwerbus is a poet of ancient Rome.


Riemann’s Hypothesis
by Euclidrew Base

Bernhard Riemann’s hypothesis is a conjecture that
the Riemann Zeta function zeroes have real part one-half,
that is, if they’re nontrivial, not even integers,
those negatives that lie off left below the origin.

Bernhard Riemann’s hypothesis remains unproven yet,
though many have attempted to attack its pirouette;
and yet it is amazing for the things that it reveals,
as, for example, distribution of the primal reels.

Bernhard Riemann’s hypothesis has been checked out correct
for the first of ten billion answers, true without defect.
What Riemann guessed is certainly not an unwelcome guest.
Sometimes the things that can’t be proved can prove to be the best.

Euclidrew Base is a poet of mathematics. German mathematician Bernard Riemann (1826-1866) was one of the greatest mathematicians up through the 21st century. The above poem is a dodeca.


An Environmentalist Speaks Out
By Ubs Reece Idwal

The garbage cans are broken and left open in the streets,
used needles decorate the sidewalks by the planted trees,
glass from car windows on the pavement, parks with litter strewn,
along with burnt-out dumpsters, an environmental noon.
As businesses are leaving downtown Portland, Oregon,
Portlandia observes her miunions riot in the sun.
Portlandia observes her minions beat another guest.
Day after day, Antifa and the BLM protest.
It isn’t true that Google has improvements put on hold;
according to its spokesman, its investments won’t be sold.


On Viciousness
by Ubs Reece Idwal

He was a vile, violent guy back when I saw him,
a vial of explosive life, of vinegar and vim.
I wondered what his motives were for being so unkind.
His venomous vituperation still spins in my mind.
It seemed like all he wanted was to fight and fight with me;
but I did not feel I would get much less than misery.
The park was fine, the view sublime; it was a gorgeous space;
but here there was this wild man, unwanted in my case.
I got out of that situation, as fast as I could;
Seattle was a place I did not want to stay, nor should.

Ubs Reese Idwal is a poet of the Northwest.


The US Economic Disaster Due to the Wuhan Flu: Can This Be True?
by Brad Lee Suciew

More than one-half of all storefronts in San Francisco are
no longer doing business, cafe, restaurant, and bar.
In New York City, unemployment ‘s nineteen-plus percent,
and five of six fine eating places cannot pay their rent.
Louisiana lost more jobs than when Katrina hit.
Half of South Carolina’s renters are right now at risk.
Americans owe more than twenty billion dollars lent;
More than one-quarter have not made nor paid last month’s pay-ment.
The US bankruptcy rates are the highest in ten years;
and World trade, in June the worst recorded ever, leers.
One-quarter of Americans have been told jobs will leave,
and many will be permanent; they will not be retrieved.
Some fifty-million-plus Americans have filed claims
for unemployment benefits, a record all the same.

Brad Lee Suciew is a poet of business.


The Exerciser
by Rudi E.Welec, “Abs”

He rested on the exercise equipment in the room.
He longed to pause from keeping fit, the beam, the bam, the boom.
He bent his head down, closing both his eyes to get some peace.
He placed his left leg slightly up. He wanted pain to cease.
But he must keep on pumping iron, working out his will.
Exertion was his lot in life, for he was born to drill.
He had to train, to pull the chain. Strain would not go away.
And he would ever have to keep it up day after day.
Though wearing new athletic shoes, his sprite was wearing down.
He wondered how long he could go, or if he’d drop right now.

Rudi E.Welec, “Abs” is a poet of exertion.