by “Lice Brews” Ueda

A little skipper
pauses at th’ euonymous.
We pause to watch it.


          by “Lice Brews” Ueda

Fresh, unprocessed figs,
grown upon a local tree,
greenish, sweet, juicy.

“Lice Brews” Ueda is a haiku poet of the small, delicate and fragile. The second haiku is in the manner of Modernist American poet William Carlos Williams (1883-1963).


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

A coasting rider
struggles over thick, cut limbs
placed in the bike lane,
vigourously pedaling
to clean up the blood.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

Out of the tall grass,
a single cricket leaps up
to the concrete slab,
a flat, gray, square, containing
the H-VAC generator.


          by “Wired Clues” Abe

A billion tourists
simultaneously gaze
out at the full moon.

“Wired Clues” Abe is a haiku poet of the New Millennium.


The CrimSun Dragon
          by Uclis Weebeard

His teeth are swords, his claws are spears, his armour ten-fold shields.
Before his deadly viciousness, the even brave soul yields.
His tail is a thunderbolt, his wings a hurricane.
His breath is death to any who dare face his vile bane.
He’s greedy, pushy and a plague; he is a freaky fiend.
He hoards up treasures he’s obtained by stealing sneakily.
He wears a belt when on the road; he draws his victims in
by lies, disguise, misinformation, and an evil grin.
He crushes goodness, truth, compassion; he hates tolerance,
and he will only be content when all are in his clench.

Uclis Weebeard is a poet of Middle-earth, and is an inhabitant of Dale.


The Office
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

Located in the City is the Office of Police.
It monitors the many citizens to keep the Peace.
It’s overseen by people who will tow the Party line,
no matter what the Party thinks; the Party is divine.

It was named for the date it was set up some time ago.
It was set up to persecute CrimeThought, and stop its flow.
The Office wants to banish thoughts that it finds are uncouth,
like honesty, forbearance, and compassion, too much truth.

The State must not allow for any views except its own,
which though they not be fluid, must be followed right or wrong.
Its purpose is to censor individuals and groups.
It is a section of security, enforced by troops.

Dishonesty, intolerance, and lack of empathy,
are welcome attributes for working for the Company.
The Office stamps out superstitions that it may behold.
The Office crushes anything construed as being old.

Obedience, known as kow-tow-ing, is a vital trait
for the recruits for Officeholders, viciousness and hate.
The Office is a shining light in fighting freedom too.
The Office wants to banish it, and banish me and you.

Lu ‘Reed ABCs” Wei is a poet of cruel, bureaucratic officialdom.


High-Tech Tick Talk
          By Brad Lee Suciew

The possible forced sale of China’s TikTok US ops,
sent Weibo, China’s Twitter mob, into flipped teraflops.
More than 900,000,000 views were registered one day.
One said that ByteDance had as little backbone as Huawei.
One said that ByteDance kneeled down, and that it could not wait,
until the Chinese government tried to retaliate.
Although TikTok is ByteDamce’s most well-known app right now,
it make more money from Douyin and Jinri Toutiao
TikTok’s 100,000,000 US users, Microsoft
would snap up, if it could be booked, in a rat race face off.

Brad Lee Suciew is a poet of business enterprises. Teraflops are units of computing speed equal to one million million floating point operations per second.


          by Esca Webuilder

Some claim that NP = RP is achieved—Surprised?—
creating fully polynomial-time randomized
approximation schemes for counting independent sets
in bounded graphs with fixed degrees.Who’s taking bitcoin bets?
Apparently their method’s based on MCMC means;
a new idea overcomes slow mixing, so it seems,
a key tool that enables the result solution to
a novel subset sampling task. I wonder, is it true?
The state space of a Markov chain is input that is used;
It’s all ex-po-nen-tial-ly large. But can it be abused?

Esca Webuilder is a poet of computing. This week he found himself singing the late 19th century music-hall song “I’m the Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”.


Beirut Blasts
          by Beiruc al-Wesed
          “So how does her taste become a taste of fire and smoke?”
              —Fairuz, “Li Beirut”

On Tuesday last there were two blasts—Beirut, in Lebanon—
a busy port that lies on the Mediterranean.
Explosions near wheat silos made great giant, mushroom shrouds,
apocalyptic devastation, plumes of smoky clouds.
Perhaps it was a warehouse of ammonium nitrate
ignited by a fire in a firework’s fried state.
More than 100 people died, with thousands injured too.
The blasts were felt in Cyprus—far away beyond Beirut.
But far beyond the blue, condolences and help poured in
to aid those at the edge of the Mediterranean.

Beiruc al-Wesed is a poet of Lebanon. Beirut is a city of about 360,000 with over 2,000,000 in ita metropolitan area.


Data Skews
          By Lars U. Ice Bedew

In Colorado, Washington, New York and Texas too,
apparently officials have admitted data skew.
Fakse covid19 deaths are added into their amounts;
both accidents and murders counted in their tallied counts.
But strangely even more surprising, in America,
it seems its deaths compared to Sweden’s are not very close.
The Swedish death rates are much smaller than the US ones,
surprisingly the Swede approach was not a bad response.
False narratives abound throughout the main stream media,
around the Globe, including even Wikipedia.

Lars U. Ice Bedew is a poet of Sweden. The approximate number of covid19 deaths Worldwide has passed 700,000 this week


Look, black-eyed Susans at Dawn.
          by Ileac Burweeds

Picture yourself on a bike on a wide street
with handlebar holders, triangular seat.
There in the distance a gold-scarlet orb sits
in shimmering brilliance of amber-glitz sleet.

Anxious commuters nose rapidly forward,
so readily rushing to get to their jobs.
Tall, silver crosses rise thirty feet starboard,
e-lect-ri-cal, spar-kl-ing wi-res em-bossed.

Suddenly there at the roadside you see ‘em,
the tall black-eyed Susans in yellow and green,
gazing upon the substation per diem
involved in an earth-water-sun-eating scene.

Look, black-eyed Susans at Dawn.
Look, black-eyed Susans at Dawn.
Look, black-eyed Susans at Dawn.

Ileac Burweeds is a poet of flower power. When a teenager, he was awestruck by figures, such as the Beatles and Donovan, each of which informs part of this poem.


Bird Chirps
          by E “Birdcaws” Eule
          “someones…laughed their cryings and did their dance”
              —E. E. Cummings, “anyone lived in a pretty how town”

I sometimes wonder why I write for somebody at all.
It really doesn’t make much dense, undone or digital.
It’s simply that somebody may not want to read some words.
that fly about like swallows chasing insect wanderers.

E “Birdcaws” Eule is a poet of birds. According to Beau Lecsi Werd, “eule” means “owl” in German.