by Ibe Ware Desu, LC

At evening twilight,
even bird songs are subdued.
Night is coming on.

Ibe Ware Desu, LC, is a writer of haikus.


The Mower
          by Bud “Weasel” Rice

The mower’s,
careful not to hit
the fleeing, hopping toad.

It is important
to take note
of nature’s green abode.

One need not be
just thoughtful is enough.

The World’s situation out in space
is very rough.

Bud “Weasel” Rice is a poet of nature.


Wednesday in Hong Kong
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

300 people were arrested Wednesday in Hong Kong,
the demonstrators were protesting China’s strong-arm law.
They do not want to be shoved under Beijing’s brutal boot.
They do not want to be stepped on, so cruelly underfoot.
This is the revolutiom of our times, protesters cried.
The only way out’s independence. Will we be denied?
One country with two systems is a lie, one placard said.
How many died—Tiananmen? How many more are dead?
King Xi Jinping speaks through his teeth, dictating more than threats.
Not only do the Communists not count their covid deaths.

Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei is a poet of China. Taiwan is planning to draw up an humanitarian assistance plan for Hong Komg residents.


The Gongfei
          by Esca Webuilder

The gongfei are about and combing through the Internet,
these commun bandits steal anything that they can get.
Wumao trolls—Who knows if they get even fifty cents
to spread the propaganda of the CCP, no less?
Though Nabob YouBoob censors dream of Project Dragonfly,
as yet it hasn’t happened, though one really wonders why.
Still yahoos are out in full force reclaiming liberty.
promoting freedom of the Internet for YouAndMe.
They’re pushing back against gatekeeping big-tech companies
dictating what Americans can write and read and see.

Esca Webuilder is a poet of the Internet. According to Beau Lecsi Werd, commun is a neologism, a shortened, adjectival form of communist.


Liwa Oasis
          by Liwa Sed Cureeb

The cool air blows across the rough, dry skin so soothingly.
It fans so smoothly, fanning like a softly moving breeze.
It is as if the sandy desert hills arise unloosed.
It is as if the dunes themselves are given a boon boost.
Beneath the golden, glowing moon, the palm leaves stay, but sway;
their dark trunks bound unto the ground climb in the airy bay;
and even hairs upon the legs of animals on fours
twitch gently, almost tendrils, o’er the display of pores.
And when the bony camel comes and falls down to its knees,
he too participates, partakes in the relieving breeze.

Liwa Sed Cureeb is a poet of the desert. The Liwa Oasis has approximately 20,000 people. It is a large oasis in the western region of Abu Dhabi.


Jesus and the Syro-Phoenician Woman: Matthew 15: 21-31
          by Crise de Abu Wel

And Jesus left Gennes’aret, withdrawing to the district
of Tyre and Sidon, past Pharisaic jurisdic-
tion. And behold, a woman came, a Canaanite, who cried,
“Have mercy on me, Lord, o, Son of David.” On she plied,
“My daughter is possessed severely by a demon force.”
But he did not respond, no word, revealing no remorse.
So, his disciples came, and begged him, “O, send her away;
for she is crying after us.” One then heard Jesus say,
“I was sent for but lost sheep of the House of Israel.”
But she exclaimed, “O, help me please!” and down before him knelt.
“One should not take the children’s bread, and toss it to the dogs.”
“But even dogs eat crumbs that fall from off the table’s top,”
she whined. So Jesus answered, “Woman, so great is your faith.
So be it done for you just as you wish, for that which you give breath.”
Her daughter then was healed. And he traveled in fresh air,
passed Galilee, and went up to the hills, and sat down there.
And great crowds came to him—the lame, the maimed, the blind, and dumb.
For them he was the power, glory, and the kingdom come.

Crise de Abu Wel is a poet of the Good Father.


Internal Stress
          by Euclidrew Base

Resistance over the cross-section of the member is
the force that keeps the thing in equilibrium—its stress.
The concept of resistance of the molecules was seen
and formulated first by Frenchman Augustin Cauchy.
In 1822, he showed stress is th’ intensity
of the internal force of any member that we see.
Stress equals the internal force, divided by the thing’s
cross-section area, like newtons-per-square-meters—zing!
and, therefore, stress is independent of geometry,
or even the material of the said entity.

Euclidrew Base is a poet of mathematics and science. Augustin Cauchy (1789-1857) was a noted French mathematician and scientist..


Your Critics
          by B. S. Eliud Acrewe

Your critics try to knock you out with the first punch they throw,
which means you need to toughen up with a long way to go.
It is important to recover after every blow,
which means you need to keep on fighting at a red hot glow.

Your critics try to banish you; they want to stop your voice,
which means you need to howl and yawp. Don’t yield to their noise.
It is important to speak out and still retain your poise,
which means you need to disregard the mockers and their ploys.

Your critics try to cut you down; they fear another view;
which means you need to keep on trying, so you can get through.
Your critics try to hem you in; they try to limit you,
which means you need to break free, o, when you are able to.

B. S. Eliud Acrewe is a poet, literary critic, and a bit of an anglophile.


At the Edge of the Unknown
          by Educable Wires

The fountain’s spray shoots up above the giant pond-like pool.
The trees around are flourishing beside the large-sized school.
The honey locust and the cedar elm provide defense
along with yarrow and the myrtle round the cyclone fence.
The mockingbirds sing out atop utility pole wires,
oblivious of the electric power’s raging fires.
Here is the edge of the Unknown, the University,
continuing the education, in adversity,
computer science, engineering and technology,
materials research with high-strength, microscope 3-D.

Educable Wires is a poet of power.


The Plandemic
          by Scubie Dew Lear

“Plandemic” is a video just posted on May 4th,
conspiratorial, in fact, and also misinformed.
It states that Mikovits was held in jail, which is true,
but charges soon were dropped, No notebooks known had been removed.
There is no proof that Fauci lied to say it came from bats.
denying covid-19 was set off from Wuhan labs.
There is no proof that covid-19 was from SARS-1 sent;
genetic kinship’s only but 79%.
There is no prrof that hospitals claim covid-19 deaths
to get the $13,000 from the government.

There is no proof hydroxychloroquin’s effective as
an aid in fighting covid-19, Some call such talk gas.
And who believes that flu shots make one prone to get this plague?
Who’s pulling the wool over one’s eyes? pulling on one’s leg?
There is no data to suggest that wearing masks is bad,
or that it activates the plague, or that it makes one mad.
Though it has been debunked, so many millions have seen it,
that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have tried to bury it.
Despite the censoring, the views continue mounting up.
A movie’s in the making Big Tech/Pharma cannot stop.

Scubie Dew Lear is a poet of conspiracies. Judy Mikovits is an anti-vaccine activist and former biochemist.