5000-year-old Beer Discovered
          by Cale Budweiser

Before Confucian Analects and Taoist anecdotes,
upon the Central Chinese plains, 5000 years ago,
shaped funnels, pots and jugs were found that brewed and filtered beers,
produced with broomcorn, millet, barley, tubers and Job’s tears.
Some archaeologists at Stanford University
have analyzed an ancient residue discovery;
a stove for carb-to-sugar breakdown was found at the site,
and ion chromatography was used to test its bite.
The evidence showed grains were damaged, malted and/or mashed,
but quite a happy hour when the liquid-gold was cached.


Cale Budweiser is a poet of alcoholic beverages, wine, beer and spirits, Dio-nietzschean rather than Apollon-arian.


Beethoven’s Fifth: After E. T. A. Hoffman
by Ewald E. Eisbruc
          “Only connect…” E. M. Forster, Howard’s End

The inner structure of the movements, working joint by joint,
the way they all are linked together, toward a single point,
Interrelated themes produce a striking unity,
beteeming listeners to reach a new intensity.
Sometimes this bond is heard between two movements in his art,
where one might hear some common figures pairing part to part;
but deep connections go beyond the observations made,
as if from one mind to another as the music’s played.
The three Allegros and Andante readily proclaim
the genius of Beethoven’s Fifth and its majestic flame.


Ewald E. Eisbruc is a poet fond of German scenes, like forests by cold streams and concert halls, like the glorious Elphi on the Elbe.


Florins for Florence: Lorenzo de Medici (1448-1492)
          by Buceli da Werse
          “ma il rimembrar si tosto non si parte,” Sonetto I—but memory does not so soon depart

I don’t regret 660,000 florins for
art, buildings, charities and taxes, yes, and so much more.
Though some might have considered it were better in their purse,
I do consider it an honour for our state, no curse.
I think the money well-expended, and I am well-pleased,
for sponsoring such famous individuals as these,
da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Poliziano,
Andrea del Verrochio and Michelangelo,
Ficino, Ghirlandaio, Mirandola, on a list
whose wonderful creative wealth the halls of Florence kissed.


Buceli da Werse is a lover of Italian Renaissance verse, including such literary figures as Bembo, Ariosto, and Tasso. For him, painting reaches its apex in the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giorgione, Raffaello, and Tiziano.


Supersonic Plasma Jets
          by Air Weelbed Suc

The ESA’s magnetic-field-Swarm satellites appear
to have discovered plasma jets up in our atmosphere.
These vast sheets of electric current, postulated first
by the Norwegian Kristian Birkeland, who observed their bursts,
can carry to one TeraWatt of forceful energy,
and are responsible for green auroran synergy.
Electric fields drive these supersonic plasma jets
up to 10,000 Celsius degrees in ethernets.
These findings from the University of Calgary
reveal such conditions vie with Wagner’s Valkyries.


Air Weelbed Suc is a poet of the air and and the atmosphere, of meteorology, climatology, and aeronomy, the latter co-founded by Teisserenc de Bort and Assmann.