Feeling bad constitutes the lived experience of neoliberal capitalism.
The swan ate my baby.
Restlessness is another type of mood which can be labeled as a
Based on the oblique references I’d say the answer given above is correct.
It can grab us by the scruff of the neck, shake us for a spell, and then
          discard us.
Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he
For a while, one can “hear” a person’s voice in one’s inner ear, but slowly
          that fades.


I’m on a dangerous adventure to clean the blades myself.
Those who have it would be devastated if it were cut off.
I guess love is the best reason to make a stupid mistake.
No, it says Volvo or Vulva, anyway something like that.
She doesn’t look like she is enjoying herself very much.
It is certainly true that that is when accidents happen.
That’s what you call a misdemeanor homicide.
Look out honey cause I’m using technology.
Knives are for pros.
The question of sex will take care of itself.


Respect existence or expect resistance.
Push this button in case anything happens.
Personally I think this world is crazy.
Sometimes things can’t be explained and that’s ok.
Never chase love, affection, or attention.
No, we punch back by refusing to shut up.
An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.
Cyberbullying goes largely unpunished.
This is dangerous for the animal’s health.
In order to believe the opposite of the obvious truth, you must have some
          emotional need to hold that belief.


Artwork © Ira Joel Haber

Artwork © Ira Joel Haber


John Lowther: “These 555 sonnets are made with found lines and precise measures, a database and text analytic software. I crunched Shakespeare’s sonnets for word, syllable and character averages — my new measures. The lines’ oddities are their own, the arrangement is mine. After the text analytics and data entry, many ways of assembling are found. I hold to the turn (when I think of it) and that sonnets are poems of a certain size, but little more. Something in excess of the lines pass through, it’s this that I’m chasing.”

Ira Joel Haber was born and lives in Brooklyn. He is a sculptor, painter, writer, book dealer,photographer and teacher. His work has been seen in numerous group shows bothin the USA and Europe and he has had 9 one man shows including several retrospectives of his sculpture. His work is in the collections of The Whitney Museum Of American Art, New York University, The Guggenheim Museum, The Hirshhorn Museum,The Albright-Knox Art Gallery & The Allen Memorial Art Museum. Since 2006 His paintings, drawings, photographs and collages have been published in over 230 on line and print magazines. He has received three National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, two Pollock-Krasner grants, the Adolph Gottlieb Foundation grant and, in 2010, he received a grant from Artists’ Fellowship Inc. He currently teaches art to retired public school teachers at The United Federation of Teachers program in Brooklyn.