watch as grandmother’s
hands spin us
our family heritage
which we will leave
stuffed in a box or display
proudly on the wall,
a memory of her,
of ourselves, our nature,
our stiff-fingered legacy.



fine metals
decorate me
but I am a temporary
riverbed creature
dragging my footprints
in an endless disharmony
of being and restless


Artwork © DJ Barry

Artwork © DJ Barry



the children
line up in their even rows
of pink uniforms
like gums

I was one of them
broken from the stream
floating down to the real
earth with its disappointments

graduated from the line
of belonging.


Angelica Fuse is an unquiet voice. After years of reading others, she has decided to give verse a try.

DJ Barry is a self-taught artist that lives in Middlesex, Vermont. He uses a unique method involving photo editing software, stencils, and spray paint. He often infuses pop culture into his work. Oddities are his specialty.