starts at 4:54

So you might be wondering, Sense Saves A LIfe
what happened next??
did he complain alot cause of all the bad sex
did he wring his neck from all the bad checks
or did he dime dog dazzle like das efx
so we chill with the sound of animals in heat
a heart attack beat, to move you please
to soul release, 4’/55, still writing
edit it for later, fast as lightning
haven’t written in a while but im still a TItan
Titanic falling down, to the mid atlantic
so feel the course of blood sugar sex magic
red hot sound, like chili peppers planted
in the ground, released like a ground hog
yet it still is 3winter
letting the sound out, yet we still have blisters on our fingers
from strumming the guitar, and twanging the bass
456 almost out of time and space,
and places to rhyme, it damn turned 457
out of this rhyme, see you again friend.