In this new series, Oddball Editor Jason Wright experiments with writing while drinking three beers at an undisclosed location, display the barely-edited results for all to see . Hardly an experiment in lonely drinking, expect future columns to expand on this and invite others to participate.


Drinking Budweiser 22
35 Reggie
Twisted veggies
Black spaghetti
Burned not ready
Sitting down
And steady drinking
Thinking my world
Is smaller then a ball of yarn
Running towards the door
Blasted wanting more
Drinking with a chaser
Hate hate her
Wish I was a world
Wish I was escaping
My mind is capitalism
And the world imadenformtalom
Take a dip into angriest bush
And think of how the outside looks
Beech roof age and beechwood age born in cribs and locks din cage
Wish I could see my mind is wishing
A caustic vodka drink
Aw husky drink your big hips
Two more and hit the floor
Looking through the bottle
Drinking Dewars
And drinking bud
Can’t get enough
And now I realize I’m gone
To the great beyond
I don’t belong
This is how I hold on
can’t keep a normal
Pacing back and forth
At Fenway station
I don’t want to woo
I fly. Want to wish
The town is an alibi
You are all fish
Suspended in mid air
Chemical abyss
A jus on the steak tips
I shouldn’t exist
More from
A Los
From the Angeles
A angle
Kiss in shorts and high skids
I’ll kill you if you talk
Let’s reminisce
A fourth of a fifth is a signal of bliss
Radioflyer none higher then this
Slice the corona down to the lime
I don’t exist in this or heaven
Is nearly a miss
A mistake to
Believe that I belong in wings
To believe is to
Believe it
I be the second
I wish I wish
That perishable fruits
We’re in my closet
When you try and visit
Believe there’s low tow
And undergoes it
A world where a fuel costs
Pennies in trips
I’ve been nowhere and exist
Only in seconds
I am alone on a Wednesday

Fuel for the fist

My relationship is a one might stand
Broken and dismantled one man band