The Other Sides (Nowhere else to go but Away from this One)

Room 222 :: Freedom to Love


Psychically I speak to your dreams
To manifest before you rise from sleep
Your every need

Your satisfied state is the place
Where I choose to leave my trace
It is not work to walk in Fate

You make the work to face fear and from it separate

With the Will of your life’s desire
Bravely steps you take
Holding the hand of the one
Whose heart you’ll never break

Boldly facing the world
Who chooses to hate
True happiness on a Face.

You see

Gifts I’ve been given
To the lives of others I choose to bring them
And in the role of lover I choose to give you My highest
For if I’ve chosen you for my lover
Then you must be the Flyest

Try this

Close your eyes

Allow your tongue to sense my mouth
Your fingertips my soul to touch
My scent to rise from deep inside your breathing pores
The sound of your injection to inspire wants for more

Allow your oxygen to be my taste from memory my body trace

Human senses to translate for Soul and Spirit that they cannot say
Yet we feel as we ride waves

I’ll always remember those pure silly days
Always keep my mind’s power in that place

It’s called Faith.

In the darkness of your mind
My mouth will go inside Breathe in breaths while you Inhale my drops of sweat
Your fingers trace onto

The sweet scent of me and you

Breathe in this skin as you make it
Love me
For all of me you are taking
I am giving.

My presence occupies the space
Beside your body as it lays
Alone at night before its rests
My essence, Seek her on your chest

Breathing to your every breath
Know through smoke and candle light
I will be with you throughout that night

& If you want off the carpet ride then this you must decide

I love mystically
Do work for thee
What do you need
Allow me please
To leave a piece of me
Carry me
I bring to your altar

My offerings
Soul Spirit Mind Body Energy

Leave yourself at my Temple

I do not command a thing.

As what I bring I do sincerely I only pray you’ll do the same for me

With no destination before us, we are free to reap the seeds we sow
Let us without fear

Let us keep our SoulSpirit Divinity clear
Each other’s power near
As the distance between us disappears

The closeness appears until finally

We Meet Here?

Lifetimes lived and lifetimes lost
Fantasy, mysticism, muses, words of ooohh and ahhhh
I dare declare these letters are more than their cost
Reactions are priceless

The courage to state them is true worth
When you’re in Love.

My all and all and all and all I continue to discover for I never ever will run out of wanting to be giving
To you

You MuseD Me.

Mystically through my dreams

You speak
I rise and the sun becomes your face
My satisfied state is the place

Where you leave your trace



Tomorrow we’ll know yesterday
Today I choose to say

You Mused Me.
Induced beauty

Eternally and freely

My Love,




Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.