Thunder for each Step

I was born to fight
Because I’m not here to match ego
I overlook the surface
I’m here to tear from the inside out

You’ll tell me where you’ve been
Without speaking
I listen for silence and see thought

I’ve got nothing to lose
I’m not crazy

Just dangerous

I’ll speak my mind before you think

I should

Make you wonder why your mother never warned you
About a woman

And only of men

My past lives have always been
For trouble

I can feel it in my marrow

I may not have led rebellions
But I was definitely decapitating enemies
Or feeding warriors
Or sitting in silence with fighters
To prepare

I’m not a loud mouth
A whisper will suffice
Leave you iced
Asking for a body bag
For refuge

Hold yourself into the next life
And try again

You’re welcome.

You can enter my space with a mirror to my face and read me for days
That’s cool

I’m a librarian and a school

“Everybody plays the fool”
That 1 time

This ex-masochist paid for her crimes

Now I play the Goalie
Protect my worth’s net

With walls in check
They’re non-existent
Because I’ve accepted

I’m different

Just like you!


I don’t come for you

When another’s mood
Brings my stinger up

What’s up?

I’ll meet you halfway to hear what you have to say and serve my intuitive dip

Have a lick

Been an outsider for so long I don’t recall ever knowing the inside of


Yeah I talk tough
Because I’ve had enough

This is the flower blossoming from its cactus

Watered up

Midway through existence confessions

I’m always down to tear it up
Burn it up
Us Ruck

Am I problematic?
I’m responsive
Imma handle it

Don’t be a problem
You won’t get in my hand
Crushed till you’re dust

If I see you aiming at an unfair advantage
Imma block your shot

I’ve had enough
Born exhausted

I realize
As I opened my eyes my cries were all WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Then I found my clutch
Hit it to fifth before my first spit up

Peeling out on the isms I was taught to confront

I was born to fight
I’m dangerous

I’m not walking around mad for no reason

I’m as cool as the breeze you live for when the sun comes blazing in through your door and as hot as flares when I see no cares towards


You feel me

Don’t come for our humanity

Or you’ll feel me

Peeling back your gums
Feeding you your teeth
Giving you a reason to reevaluate your heartbeat
Better wish you knew how to respond to your truth

It’s my weapon

Poverty murdered my family

I’m working my way up to the Boss
Not, to be the Boss
But to slit real quick the necks of their Cause

Born with a vengeance
Living without revenge needs

I just know what I have to do
And it’s not pretty

But I can face it.

Can you face me back
Without feeling attacked
When a glutton for punishment has been cured
And you’re left with your own darkness


That’s my role in this life

I hear its calling
I don’t leave others bawling
Just crawling
To their boardrooms

Try again

I was born a fighter
Not the fire
Its ignitor

Bullshit decipherer

I’m dangerous to the dangerous


If you want to sleep at night, don’t wake me up.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.