It’s solely sweet never bitter. Thank You Oddball Magazine, Chad Parenteau and Jason Wright for allowing me the pleasure of contributing via peaces and interviews to the masses for all of these years.

Last week’s #UNDERGROUNDGARDEN was the Pause. I’m fortunate to make the choice to shift gears and flow in another direction and I am grateful to every Muse and Interviewee.

Bob Diesel was to be this week’s feature. I can’t deny us his nuggets!! He auditioned for Miami Vice!! Join him, Keith DeViere Donaldson and Christopher Martin Grant of essence Boston this Saturday night as we celebrate a real Underground Vet. Your DJ Birthday Man, Mr. Diesel ♥!

First record bought:

When I was able to buy records with my own money bought quite a few but for that first purchase my favorite out of the bunch that day was Warp Factor II – Montana (Vince Montana)

First club attended:

Fresh 14

First DJ gig:

I don’t remember the exact place but it was for one of my relatives, it was one of those fraternal organizations. Most of my relatives were members like: The Eastern Stars, The Mason’s, The Lions Club, The Shriners, VFW, AMVETS etc.
But we were playing almost every weekend for parties and events held at their lodges.

First time you knew this was your path:

When I used listen to “The Chief Rocker” Frankie Crocker on WBLS FM 107.5 NYC, New York, he was a brilliant and innovating Urban Music programing director for the station as well as a DJ. He was actually a DJ and not an “On Air Personality” like nowadays and he actually hosted his own shows and introduced music from various genres that made things work for the listening audience. Monday to Friday 5pm – 7pm he would host the”After Work Set” and on Sunday afternoon he would host “The Sunday Salsa Show”. He attracted more listeners for that one show than all of the Latin Music stations combined in New Yor, his taste and variety hooked me.

Move to Boston story:

In 1987 went to audition for the TV Series “Miami Vice” with friends in March and sadly the day I was on set watching the filming an episode, one of the set directors announced that it was the last episode and will not be picked up. And so after a big let down my friends and I went to a nightclub Manhattan’s in Coco Beach an met a woman there and stayed in touch with her and after $3000 worth of phone calls I moved to Boston. Things went south between us but I kinda liked it in Boston so I stayed and because I met so many Boston DJ’s at the New Music Seminar when I lived in New York they helped with my career here with connections and gigs so it was good for me .

First DJ spot in Boston:

I’ve been a Guest DJ on many occasions done a lot of Guest Spots for in DJ’s in Boston but as a residency “Breaking Down The Walls” at M80 with Jide’Max “The Godfather of House Music” in Boston.

DJ gigs and parties you’ve had and created?

Breaking Down The Walls – 1992

Makin’ Movez – 2002

Peace I, II – 2003

Soul Revival WMC Return Party – 2006

1254 Underground – 2009

TRUTH (Boston) 2013 –

Art & Soul – 2012

Producer/Remixer background:

I learned most all of my skills from Arthur Baker at his studio Shakedown Sound in New York. He was a master with plenty of tricks to make your efficiency level high and make sounds better.

Why you’ve chosen these careers?

It’s just a step away from playing music the way it should be played to making it the way you think it should sound, it’s the endless creativity that’s that keeps me going.

Happiest moments on deck and dance floor?

As DJ’s our job is to create a mood and tell a story and lead you and take you on a journey to a musical soundscape. When I’m playing we try to relay messages through the music that I play to evoke feelings and emotion trying to get everyone together on the same page, when it happens it’s euphoric. However on the dancefloor you self-express those thoughts, feelings and emotion by simply just listening and hopefully through dance and another DJ does it and does it right it’s my high.

Sounds you gravitate towards when playing?

I mostly like Deep, Soulful, Jazzy, Funky and some obscure Left Field type sounds.

Your favorite DJs bands producers parties:

Larry Levan
Frankie Knuckles
Tyrone Francis
Louie Vega
Kenny Dope
Joe Claussell
Danny Krivit
François K

Nat Turner & Black Milk
Belladonna and
Pat Metheny Group
Spyro Gyra
The Who
The Count Basie Orchestra
The Duke Ellington Orchestra
Return to Forever
Dylema Collective
The Brothers
Rufus & Chaka Khan
The BB&Q Band
The Rolling Stones
Steely Dan
The Salsoul Orchestra
The Steve Miller Band
Gran Comb
The Fania All-Stars
Elements of Life
The B-52’s

John Luongo
John Morales
Sergio Munzubai
Quincy Jones
Patrick Adams
Leroy Burgess
Gamble & Huff
(MAW) Louie Vega & Kenny Dope
Josh Milan
Giorgio Moroder

Body and Soul
Bang The Drum

Intentions from now into the future:

I would like to restart my record label with the addition of film and a clothing line, open a nightclub also own a 1987 Lamborghini Countach.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.