Have you ever been to The Paris Street Gallery? Home to Art, Fashion, Music, and Culture? The Paris Street Gallery at 101 Paris Street in Everett is home to The Artists Social Club of Massachusetts and The Audio Chemists. The Gallery hosts private events such as weddings and record release parties along with parties open to the public. Its walls have also showcased collections by many local artists. PSG is a space designed and dedicated just for this kind of use: Your Own.

Come in!

PSG is run by Alvin “Acoma” Colon. Acoma has been an artist for over 22 years opening his first gallery, The Acoma Art Gallery, in Charlestown in 2009. In 2011, Acoma met Bill Gear, a real estate businessman from Everett, and together they embarked on creating The Paris Gallery/Studios. PSG opened in 2011 and on this Saturday, November 14, 2015, PSG is holding a fundraiser intending to turn the funds raised into support for “the creation of art and music activities for surrounding communities” including “new art and music programs, exhibits and workshops in 2016 that will engage young people and adults who may not have access to the arts.”

This fundraiser is a big deal, for the community, the space and all in attendance! Performances by locally renowned voices, Matt Ganem and Professor Shuman, along with live Jazz and R&B by The Jeff Felder Ensemble and an always guaranteed spectacular show by The House of Nahdra will be desserts offered to the complimentary dinner your $30 donation also pro quos you!

Acoma considers himself “someone that believes in creative self-expression and in keeping the Arts alive in our society.” The Paris Street Gallery Fundraiser is his way, your way, our way of ensuring that spaces of this importance receive the monetary security they demand while we receive the visual and audio creations they give space to the formation of. Support Your Local Artists!! Including the places they call home.

Join so many wonderful people this Saturday, November 14th at The Paris Street Gallery for its philanthropic get-down!

The Paris Street Gallery Fundraiser, Saturday, November 14, 101 Paris Street, Everett, MA. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and all ages are welcomed along with your charitable entry fee of $30.

Paris Street Gallery Fundraiser

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