It’s so glamourous
the night life
Don’t you think?

Power plays made during days so the spotlight can be owned
Is there love in this home?


Walk in through doors put the game mask on
Who’s real when they’re out for meals on the tailcoats of folk
Out for a glass of wine
A little fun
Careful with your one on ones

It’s so glamourous
Playing dress up and sniffing for love
Vixens and Mistros making dates for lunch at bistros
Because you’ve made the introduction and it’s

Feeling admired because you perspire in your zone
Come on

Be the man with the proud stand
The prettiest girl in the room
The best dancer the world has ever seen
The loner everyone wants to meet
The superstar in the fancy car
You’ve borrowed
The first timer falling in love with this

Come on

What are you really here for?
The soap’s next episode?
In this fake life

Who’s in your corner?
Who’s going to make your life tight?
Are my friends my foes by the time I get home?

What’s that whispered conversation about and why is it distracting my attention grabbing clout

Come on

Who wants to be like whom?
Raise your hand, you’re in this room

Stand tall
They know this ain’t glamour at all
But a part of a life they live
“I hope it’s a good night,” they wish

Swim in this wave’s vibefriendship-betrayal
Avoiding all of the sharks in sight
Feasting on piranhas

Come on

It’s so glamorous
Being popular
Don’t you think?
Someone does.

Here comes the kiss on the cheek!

Who’s here to make things happen
Meet me in privacy
I got deals to breathe onto you
Spells to weave
Follow me
Or sing the tune

Come on

It’s so glamourous
Knowing the top of the totem pole
Because it’s important who you know

Know Thyself

It’s so glamorous
Being seen with someone pretty
Your beauty

That’s a lie
We’re all gorgeous from inside

All glamorous
When truth is the hand that puts away the mask
Dig me cuz I dig you
I don’t dig you cuz of this truth
You don’t dig me cuz I’m not your type?
You know what?

That’s all right

Don’t use another’s light
Seek inside
Light shine
Your gifts create the lift others want to bring down
Are you a phoenix or a vulture?
About the glamour or a culture?
Are you deceit and envy?
While I applaud you?


It’s so glamorous

The smoke machines
Bright lights
Pounding beats
Sexy dances

Corner romances
The scandal
Love in blossom
Betrayal in action

The glamorous life

If you want to succeed take this knife and plunge it for me
As a show of loyalty

But you don’t know what you’re involved in while you seek the perfect spot to land your air spin

Ahhhhh the glamorous life
The life of getting up and going keeping things flowing
Making sure your glory isn’t being stolen

Making sure your theft of the top isn’t showing
Checking on your pawns, kings and queens

I choose to play hopscotch jumping over blocks
Than be a piece

Mmmmmm the glamorous life
Who’s looking at me this week?

Love Thyself
Without importance of whose love brings wealth

Know your worth
It breaks the curse of demons scheming

In this glamourous life.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.