When your body says yes more than your mind
When your heart is in control and in conflict with your soul
It’s a sexual obsession disguised as love
It’s a mental trapping no one speaks of
Who wants to seem as though they live under a whip
To the moisture of a pussy or the throbbing of a dick?

Sexual obsessions disguised as love
Sleeping with the enemy who knows the cause
Of your fighting with logic and arriving lost
To the candlelit mood obsession sets for you
Sexual spells you don’t feel draining you

Of your God Given Blessings

You lose sight of
While you’re happily undressing
To a lie that’s not love

Sexual obsessions
You don’t want to believe
“Come on enemy keep lying to me. This time make it better because I almost slipped and had trouble believing lies I watch leaving your lips.”

My body says feed me
My heart remains starved
The mind I shut off
Its truth of the reality I want no part of
Lie to me while you lie with me
The lies I hear have hidden truth
Is the wish I give the stars I share with you

Sexual obsessions disguised as love
The one that wears the mask can do no wrong
To them it’s your choice to be strung along
If you know you’re being Played
Led Astray
Although the mask bearer these confessions will never make
As a fool in love
The one we all play,
You arrive at obsession’s door bring up another day
Another sleepless night spent doing all right
Spent giving all to one that does it all wrong
Where nothing is kept and all that is left
Is an obsession chosen to indulge in

Careful Children of God
Lust is a deadly sin

It’s not a guarantee to hell in the afterlife
It’s a possibility toward a theft of your soul’s light

You get lost in the emotion
Drunk off the poison
Stumble back into your cage and wake up to an ache

Heart’s regret
That a good orgasm is all you truly get

When what you want to give is a life that’s worth to live
Under the glory of good fucking and the sweetness of a kiss

From your King or Queen
From their Partner Supreme

Sexual obsessions disguised as love
All you’re really doing is giving up
On your self-esteem
When you give or lick the cream from or for the demon that makes you scream for them their taste you like to be
It’s their receipt
All the while yourself you are truly forgetting

Find another lover who is truly worthy
Of what you Give
And then you will Receive

A Sexual Obsession that stems from love
A respectful partnership with blessings from above
Without the hurt and without the doubts committed mostly to kissing a pout

When the sun arrives and it’s time to part
Your sexual obsession keeps you in their heart
It’s a give and give
A hold when you wake
And as for acting?
That’s saved for role play.

Know it takes two to get down the way you obsess
Which means your obsession will also miss the sex
Which you brought with Love and they chose to waste
Which you’ll share with another and will be better than known great

Let the Freak inside of you show them
That their Freak is just what you’ve needed
After you give time to healing
Go live out the feeling
And give yourself to love

It’s easier on the head
Lighter on the mind
More pleasant while you’re living life
That’s too short to give to another
No matter how badly you hope to keep that lover.

It’s a sexual obsession disguised as love
So stop lying to Yourself please and wake up.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.