I haven’t been to every city, but I’m pretty damn in love with the city I be at in, Boston, MA, USA. The number of multi-talented minds-bodies-souls runs deep generationally in the City’s musical family tree. Enter 2018 and Boston continues to celebrate releases by its People along with a special birthday party tomorrow night! Underground Garden celebrates Giana Scola’s upcoming release in May, Le Freq, with Ancient Deep on Soul Clap Records and Boston dancer/DJ Savuth’s birthday!

Savuth Sueksagan has dedicated more than half of his existence to Dance and House Music. Tomorrow night at Club Bohemia, Sammy, as he is known, loved, respected and preceded by, invites us to his All White Attire Affair to celebrate the beginning of his 4th decade and everlasting commitment to the Boston House Music Community. For close to 30 years, Sammy has brought a unique and passionate spark to parties throughout the City of Boston and the House Nation with his self-taught, natural and inimitable dance style. For over 20 years, he has also brought that same Aries Fire to parties as a Guest DJ or Event Creator and Resident DJ. Not to be overlooked are Savuth’s artistic talent as a flyer designer, tattoo artist and painter. From the turntables to the dance floor in the roles of club kid, dance judge, competitor and instructor, this birthday bash is dedicated to an ongoing thump in his heart, H.O.U.S.E. Join us on April 20th as we celebrate a Life! Happy Birthday Sammy!

Giana is a songwriter, producer, musician and singer who once fronted the band Giana & the Stus. In 2015, she began to explore with House music and collaborating with Boston DJ/Producer, Leo Alarcon of the Playroom Boston. Together, along with Alberto Souljah Correia and myself, The Playroom Boston EP, was created producing 4 singles featuring Giana on vocals. Following this EP, she was contacted by Ancient Deep with a proposal to collaborate on a track. Giana sent A Capella vocal tracks to Ancient Deep, resulting in the track “Le Freq” which will be featured on their EP vinyl release with Soul Clap Records next month. She is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, who taught herself guitar at age 18 after asking her Mother for a guitar for her 18th birthday.

At age 24, she taught herself piano. Today, she will exclaim that piano & vocals are her only true instruments, although she also picked up drumming along the way. After the break up of the band & without access to a full analog studio, she taught herself how to produce & engineer digital tracks. Giana grew up in Tucson, Arizona & in 5th grade she & her friends put together a 5 piece girl group where they would perform at a local nursing home singing cover songs with choreographed dance routines. She relocated to Dorchester, Ma. where she began singing in the school choir & later moving to Plymouth, Ma. where she was chosen as a lead solo vocalist in the choir. She moved back to Boston at age 19 where she truly began to embrace music in her life. It’s still difficult for Giana to call herself an artist, she considers herself a writer above all. She gives full gratitude & credit to her late Auntie Marie, who inspired & motivated Giana at a young age to write her feelings down. The young empath compiled a vault of poetry which she stuffed into a suitcase, where the poems stayed for many years, untouched & many unfinished. Today, she stays busy working on her own solo projects as well as collaborations & mainly does studio work now, although she dreams of one day putting together a collaborative soulful act to perform live. To Giana, nothing compares to getting her hands on the live instruments & sharing the stage with other talented musicians, which helps her with her sometimes debilitating stage fright. However, she refers to House music as something that saved her life. When she discovered the Boston House scene, attending a HOME event on Boylston Street, she will tell you that House music found her when she needed it most. She now has a broader, multicultural view of music & instruments & has enjoyed watching & learning the engineering aspect of music production under the guidance of Leo Alarcon.

These two special people put their hearts into their Arts. Supporting your local artists and art scenes, no matter the medium, is a seed the Underground Garden tends to. I wish both of these Messengers much success in their endeavors because their success is reflected in your smiles. Enjoy the music and dances Beings, they come from l.o.v.e., the ultimate Muse!


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.