I write because Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Maya Angelou and Paulo Coehlo wrote and write. They inspire me greatly. I intertwined quotes of Mr. Coehlo’s into this piece in full love of his words. Grateful.

“If I am really a part of your dream, you’ll come back one day.” – Paulo Coehlo
“Anyone who loves in the expectation of being loved in return is wasting their time.” – Paulo Coehlo

And that could be the bottom line
Line after line time after time
1,000 different languages all saying the same thing
Why am I always left wondering
More I want to give
Must suppress
More I’d like to live
Must acceptmessenger-of-love-2
That my expectations are met with reject
My fantasies will never be reality
Causes regret
Don’t want all that
You don’t know the facts
Is there a rabbit coming out of the hat
The usual surprise
It’s more like a lie
Out of the hat springs nothing.
Live in a bubble
Fun for years
Time disappears
Bubble closes in
I want Out.
Doesn’t work: a shout, a pout, a bout
Speak of doubt
I’d like to see remaining decades with you atop this cloud
Real talks on how we get lost in the crowd of safety precautions
The danger is in my lowering bridges so that the ship doesn’t pass
I want it docked on my marina but its anchor won’t last
Although the captain says it’s been cast
365 days 52 weeks and lost lifetimes seem to move fast
Look back then look forward realizing I’ve lost track
Before seeking a truth path I must raise the bridge and wish a bon voyage to the traveler off to become Past
Please don’t look back
You’re on a charted course
Created by your choice
Leave the longitude of our horizontal dances
For the latitude of seeking higher through other chances
I brought fertile soil
You just wouldn’t plant in it
I’m not crying a river
But “Sometimes there’s just no way to hold back the river.” (Paulo Coehlo)
“Tears are words that need to be written.” (Paulo Coehlo)
When “”The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.” (Paulo Coehlo)
I’m not afraid to be thin ice
It could be my vice
To love as strongly as I do Love You
And be as fragile as I Choose
I choose to give this much
And now it’s gotten tough
To feel the only fluff
Is my vulnerability
Not the cloud on which I can see love existing
But then again, it’s only me seeing through rose tinted dreams
My heart’s light wants to beam
My soul’s laughter wants to scream
My mind’s desires are bursting at the seam
Of my sanity
“If you love someone, you must be prepared to set them free.” (Paulo Coehlo)
And if you love me, you must be prepared to watch me Be
The aches I longed were silly
You and Me.

“I start to think that I’m losing the love I have without having yet won the love I hope to win.” (Paulo Coehlo)
I really hoped you could love me too
“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take is the worst of suffering.” (Paulo Coehlo)
I really hoped a time like this would only be a bad dream
“All love stories are the same.” (Paulo Coehlo)
That is a true shame
“Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows.” (Paulo Coehlo)
I know I share in blame
Without becoming vain and running through the vein of healing
Sorrow is the only feeling every day brings
Masking through song is a melody I can no longer sing
“Love is not a habit, a commitment, or a debt. It isn’t what romantic songs tell us it is – love simply is.” (Paulo Coehlo)
Love simply is
And luckily with all the love I’ll always keep
The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us. And to save us.” (Paulo Coehlo)
Bon voyage my friend.
Bon voyage


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect