And now GOD uses me

I get it
You thought I was sinking in your quicksand
Bitch I walk on water
Don’t you know the Source in me does not sleep
Looks away to my mistakes
Patiently in line while I pay
Then walks me to a higher
That’s the only way I get down

The pauses I took to stare at your look to indulge in you like a favorite book
A mystery
Were unsuccessful
For us both

Bonnie Raitt ( Gospel, …… IF YOU DON’T….

But you sure did hate me
No need to defend against that sentiment
Explain or blame
Your words were entrapment
Now I’m the one in prison

How many flames didn’t get lit while you poured kerosene over my lips
Fickle flicker dazed
Hardly phased
I can love you until the next century and still not crave your taste

Bonnie Remixed ….. CUZ YOU DON’T…..

Thank the Force for its shields
Never had me kneel when I’d get the feels knowing damn well you weren’t the real deal
Bonnie invoked
You didn’t make me love you, but I DID….

You know what I love more than you though?
My freedom from your grip
In your own BS is where you can keep your fins
No thank you
Fish from the sea
Rotten and deceased

My human form’s eyelashes flutter fresh breezes
Everything anew
Everything I thought I knew therefore accepted
Left me feeling odd like
Wasn’t that expected?
Line place
You made a sacrifice
That’s great

Doesn’t mean it meant a thing at the end of the day
It was expected

Flutter flutter electrifying
I’m living while you’re recovering from your constant dying
Try being honest
Instead of denying

Your heart hardened way before we met
You live trying to pass on your curse

Lion Stretch.
Living in a world of guilty victims
Bueno Dicen Que Soy ( .
A fk would be a symptom that I carry your sickness.
Embroiled in your Fever.
I’m a fire eater.
A name’s not just a name nor a reputation just
When shaped by Players “outside your league” who serve dust
At whole other games defeating with the cheat.
I see you sinking.
Don’t you know I’ll stand in front of You?
Nothing to come for
I’ll throw you off of the roof
I don’t need no water
Let you land on your inflated ego
Always safely
Reputation shaped by name you’re oh so Saintly.
You never knew me
Can’t claim knowledge
Spread the word in that find solace.
Living in a world of guilty victims.
Glad I’m the Wolf you know.
Baskets to the fire burn away the foes.
Then I dance with trees
Some people love you from fingertips to shoulder they don’t get any closer.
Stay toed up aware before posers.
You’ve got the power to not cower

From your Truth. As much as you do, does it Love you?
Follow your road.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.